Measure Twice, saw once

Words of wisdom words for life.   Probably the most famous saying my dad ever told me was measure twice saw once.  This holds true for all of life, and could be said in multiple ways.  Whale was one of the most patient men i know, but he was also a wise man.  Each step he took in life was measured and thought about.  How often in our lives do we run around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Which really happened in our house when we owned two chickens, somebody and nobody.  That was the names given to them by my ever thoughtful sisters, who said it would be clever to say they got the morning eggs from somebody and nobody.  To add even more humor to the thought of three girls getting fresh eggs from two chickens with foolish names, consider that we lived in the heart of McKinney, not on some family farm.  Back to the reason i wrote today.  As I have though about where to i go with this blog and how do i honor my dad, i have been careful to measure twice and saw once.  So here is the grand plan. I am going to continue to update you on my life and the Presley clan, but i am going to begin to incorporate some tools and thoughts that i think will help make the world a better place.  I hope you will join in on the journey as we move forward always remembering the past.

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