The end of the season

Getting a little sentimental or at least mental. And a little scenty also. Just finished the last tree order of the season. Still have a lot of other local orders to go including my handmade gifts. (my brothers and sisters has a tradition of handmade gifts for Christmas) I am thankful to the many orders we received this year. Each gift gets us closer to bringing home Mia Kate.

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Why China?


When we started our adoption journey over 3 years ago we were looking to Japan to find our daughter, but God had bigger plans.  Melissa had been a missionary in Japan fro 2 years after college and had always said when (not if) we adopt it will be from Asia.  When the time came we looked to the people she had poured her heart to through ministry.  After two years of waiting for a child through a agency that focused on Japan, we realized it might be another 2 years before we were able to adopt.  The same week we were starting to pray about what steps we should take, a friend at our church returned from China with their daughter and we knew China was were we were supposed to start looking for our daughter.  Unfortunately, we had to reprocess many of our documents but the process moved at a much faster pace.  After changing our focus to China I was able to film some orphanages in Guangzhou located in Southern China and the visit would again confirm that we can make a difference in the world – one child at a time. What’s interesting is I think Mia Kate is going to change our world more.  It is hard to believe that we will be leaving soon, but when we got Mia’s file we knew that she was our daughter.



Thankful as I think through all that God has down this past year. From our partnership with Harp to our adoption match the year has been filled with highs, but there have also been lows.  The one constant has been my family.  Through the good and bad they are there.  The love they share with me shows in all that I do.  Thankyou

We have a new partner

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I cannot tell you how excited we are to partner with Harp Design Co. We dropped off the first of what hopes to be many collaborations with Clint and Kelly Harp and are excited for what the future holds. We took our first of what hopes to be many trips to Waco. The trip yesterday was both one of inspiration and one of celebration. We continue to celebrate what God is doing through our little store. I know you have seen it, but each item is handmade with sweat and tears (and a few splinters along the way.) This delivery represents one major step closer to our adoption, and truly item we make is symbolic of the restoraion we all need! It is an honor to be part of an incredible group of makers and craftsman. The Harp Design Co store is filled with great stuff! I cannot tell you enough if you get a chance go online and see what they have or if you are in the Waco area check them out!

The future is bright thank you for joining us on our journey.


My dads words

This morning I was reading a few of my dad’s poems and wanted to share them with the world:


I’m painting my father’s eyes
in lives forming beyond the vision
down the buds and branches
of our sacral tree.
But your hands do the drawing.
Your fingers touch the lines.
I’m shaping my father’s smile,
the window on the passion
rising in the foaming moments
of our river’s flow.
But you take the smiler’s vision.
You are the canvas,
clear and pure,
that I fill with everything I am.
But you hold the brush of blue and red and green,
you choose the changing patterns,
you are the master of my art.

Mark W. Presley

Here is a humorous one:


The reason some men are bald
is for God to look down
and see himself in the reflection.
It is man made for his image.
It is an act of worship
to lose your hair.

Mark W. Presley


Is this the trip you roll me

This phrase was uttered out of the mouth of whale this past weekend as we drove to the store.  I am not sure exactly what it means other than he was in a strange mood and wanted the world to know about it.  As a result of the mummurings of my strange father i am nervous about any trip i am planning with him.  I might end up on the side of the road with nothing but my watch and a few diet cokes.  What is the world coming to.

For years the phrase we would get on the end of a conversation was – “go jump in a lake”, now it is “is this the trip you knock me out and put me in the trunk” (by the way this was stated after the original phrase was ignored by all in the car.)  I love my Dad, but come on.  It is fathers day weekend, I would never roll you this weekend. 

Maybe next weekend, though.

You just avoid the trees…

Sunday I was helping my father move a ladder, and during our usually alpha male ribbing he said a profound thought that has stuck with me.  “You just avoid the trees.” The comment was simple enough.  It came as we were driving in his little Nissan truck with a ladder awkwardly hanging 10 feet out.  I have to say it was his idea to move the ladder this way in the truck, I would have just carried it the 6 houses.  The alpha male thing never ceases to make me laugh.  I think i was laughing at him as he pulled into the driveway, and I asked him how he was going to drive the truck under the oak tree in the driveway with a ladder sticking 10 feet in the air.  He replied, “mark it’s an old trucker trick, you just avoid the trees.  To my amazement we drove in safely without hitting a branch.  In life sometimes it is just easier to avoid the trees than it is to hit them head on.  I think a wise man said it this way, pick your battles wisely.  But the whale way of saying it is, “you just avoid the trees, it’s an old trucker trick.”

Words of wisdom words for life…

Life is about managing the crazies in your life…

This statement was uttered by my father (whale) as we discussed our lives together a few nights ago.  It really is deep if you think about it.  When it comes to friends and family, it really is more about balancing the crazy people you interact with then about the finished product.  Or are the crazies a sign of the finished product?  The more crazies that hang around you the more influential you are?  Or are you just more crazy? How do you measure crazy? I know some people that are really crazy and others that just have the aroma of crazy. Either way when you look around as you go about your day,  who do you impact, who do you interact with and who do you manage? Are they not all a little crazy?  I mean everyone knows or at least thinks they are the noraml sane person in the bunch. I think there is all a little bit of crazy in each one of us. When you sit and think about it, life is really just about managing the crazies. 

Words of wisdom words for life…

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