We are adopting

“We are adopting”, these are the 3 Words that will define the next year of our family’s life. It’s a phrase we throw around our house as if it is normal, and everyone already knows. Most days the kids debate about whether our new baby will have curly hair or straight hair, as if that is the biggest hurdle ahead.  Melissa and I are are often discussing new ideas on how we can raise funds to cover the huge cost of adding a new life to our family, and most conversations we have together seem to drift to the future and life with a fourth child in all of our photo books. Yet I feel we have not told anyone else, so consider by reading this you are being brought into the cool kids club. (Actually not really sure how cool Mel and I are, but you get the point.) Today I confess that we do not know what the future holds, but we long to hold a little Japanese baby girl in our arms and family.  (So the children who are betting on straight hair probably will win that argument.)

Adoption means so many things to so many people, yet to us it a personal journey that began 14 years ago with Melissa spending 2 incredible years as a missionary in northern Japan.  The story of adoption has always been intertwined in our lives, but we have not taken it farther then a conversation or prayer.  2 years ago, through a God inspired set of circumstances we learned of an opportunity to adopt through an American/Canadian agency, and signed up a few months later.  We have now been waiting a little over 1 year, and have begun to see light at the end of the tunnel. Currently we are around 6 months to a year out from traveling to Japan to bring a little baby girl home to our forever family.  We still have many hurdles to overcome the two biggest are paperwork and financial costs.   We encourage and covet your prayers in the coming days and will try to keep you informed with the process as we move forward by faith. Thanks and welcome to the Club!

Baby Eli

There is a new member of the Presley Family:  “Eli” Elliot Hampton Presley.  He is doing great and is healthy.  As is Mom.  Eli was born at 12:25am on the 18th of July.  He was 9.75 lbs and is a spitting image of whale is grandfather.  He officially is another grandson of whale. 

Champe loves his brother also.  I heard him on the phone trying to calm him down.  I think he said “its ok baby beli”

Here Fishy Fishy…

The new baby whale, our second son, is soon to greet the world.  We are days if not hours from the day when the Presley family will move from 3 to 4.  The questions abound from what will the name be to who will he look like.  I am truly excited to be a daddy and i can’t wait to share my love with another little one.  These are the days that we will look back and say do you remember when…

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