The phone call we have been waiting for…

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I love technology.  A few weeks ago we got 4 pictures, a video and a file on Mia Kate.  That is all we had for a girl that we had praying for and longing to meet for over 3 years. It was enough for us to yes, enough for her to grab our hearts and make her part of our family, but it was all we had.  Over the next few weeks we have received a few additional photos but last night we got to talk with her via video call.  Both sides of the conversation were a little nervous but you could feel the excitement in the air.  My kids got to meet their sister and she got to hear our voices.  She seemed a little hesitant, but ended the call by blowing us a kiss.  I will forever have that phone call as a kodak memory in my mind.  It won’t be long now till we see her face to face.

Best Christmas Pic

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Best Christmas pic of the day for our family. We got this sweet pic this morning from our daughters orphanage in China. Hard to believe after 3 years we will bring Mia home in a few short weeks.

The look…

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You know the Chirstmas look … the “I just can’t wait much longer” look. This time of year I see the look in my kids eyes as they stare at their stockings or at the hundreds of toy catalogues that stuff our mailbox.

But I have to confide – I have the same look, but its not about presents though it’s about this sweet girl that I will soon be able to look eye to eye with and tell her she is forever part of our family and our hearts . My sweet Mia Kate will be here soon. Sure we still have another 3-4 weeks before we head to pick her up, but in that same short time I am excited at the anticipation that our lives will forever be different – a good different. I have been making letters and tables and crafts for 3 years, each one bringing us closer to covering the hurdles of adoption and very soon that day will be here.

Looking back over our 3 year journey I have learned so much about woodworking, running a small business, getting ready for adoption and how to be a better dad. Looking forward I know it will not be easy but I am thankful for the hundreds of people who have entered our life and will be there with us in the good and the bad. But I have faith the good will be great. Even now as I read this outloud to myself I am overwhelmed at the joy that will soon be in our home…forever

Steps to travel



If you follow our adoption journey you know that we accepted a file a few weeks ago. So what’s next? It will take a little more than 2 months to go through all the steps before we can travel to Mia Kate’s home town of Yiyang. AAC (Our agency) has said these are the main steps we need to go through.


I-800 Application- 2-4 weeks.

Chinese Visa Application

National Visa Center (NVC)

US Consulate Process (Article 5)- 2 weeks

Travel Approval and Consulate Appointment- up to 4 weeks

Travel to China!

Why China?


When we started our adoption journey over 3 years ago we were looking to Japan to find our daughter, but God had bigger plans.  Melissa had been a missionary in Japan fro 2 years after college and had always said when (not if) we adopt it will be from Asia.  When the time came we looked to the people she had poured her heart to through ministry.  After two years of waiting for a child through a agency that focused on Japan, we realized it might be another 2 years before we were able to adopt.  The same week we were starting to pray about what steps we should take, a friend at our church returned from China with their daughter and we knew China was were we were supposed to start looking for our daughter.  Unfortunately, we had to reprocess many of our documents but the process moved at a much faster pace.  After changing our focus to China I was able to film some orphanages in Guangzhou located in Southern China and the visit would again confirm that we can make a difference in the world – one child at a time. What’s interesting is I think Mia Kate is going to change our world more.  It is hard to believe that we will be leaving soon, but when we got Mia’s file we knew that she was our daughter.

Meet Mia

MiaKate01  The day we longed for has come.  We said yes to a file and are now officially matched.  Mia Kate will be her English name and we are hoping to travel just after Christmas.  We will try to update you with information as we go but here are a few pictures of our new beautiful daughter.  Adoption Rocks!




In a few days I am flying to Guangzhou in southern China to shoot some documentary footage for my ministry.  We are meeting with a few people to discuss what our Father is doing in Asia and across the world. I am torn with emotions, I thought i would have the chance to see my daughter on this trip, but we are not yet matched so that will not happen.  But I am also excited for the experience and impact the trip will have on us and the minister we represent.

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