Who is Whale?

Son of whale is a blog created to encourage, keep up with, and occasionally poke fun at the odd characteristics of my Father, whale.  My dad was truly one of a kind, and has friends and family all over the world.  He was one of the most creative and brilliant people I know, yet with the positives come quirks and laughs that give our family stories to share at Christmas.  I decided to begin to put them down for him and others to read.

Why whale?  My father was a swimmer in college and was on the hefty side compared to the other swimmers.  Throughout the years other names have been given to Dr. Mark, Rock doc, doc and waddle.  Yet I chose to honor him with whale.  He was and is my dad and therefore I will always be son of whale.

On July 26, 2008 my father passed away.  He has a left a legacy none of us can even begin to imagine.  The following pages and post are a tributes to him as we celebrate together a man who changed the world. May my life and how I live it, as creative as possible, honor him.

One response to Who is Whale?

  1. Gerald

    Dr. Mark Presley was truly a remarkable professor. I took two of his classes even though I did not need the credit. The first class was a geology class in which we went on an expedition to Colorado. As a 17-year old teenager, it was my first time away from home. I had never gone camping, or experienced much outdoor life, but I learned how to enjoy nature because of Dr. Presley.

    My second class was an oceanography class trip to New England. It was the first college trip they had taken since the Colorado one (three years prior), and I just had to enroll again for old time’s sake. Again, I gained new insight and experiences. These memories and many more will forever remain in my heart. Dr. Presley was a mentor, a friend, and a spiritual leader. He will be missed, but his legacy will forever live on.

    Because of him and many like him, I was inspired to teach others the same way he once taught me. Today I am a dentist and a professor. Thank God for contributions like his. They truly impacted me for life.

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