Love is awesome! It has been several days since Mia Kate made our family complete.  We are now back in our house together and it feels like a home once again.  Many people have asked me the highlights of our trip and I would definitely say the biggest was seeing the smile that seemed to go on and on in the sweet girl I now call daughter.  Tonight as I write this I can’t help but reflect on the blessings God gave us during the 2 weeks we had together, all 6 of us, in China.  We went from one side of the world together, hand in hand to make our family 1.  But that blessing was so much more then those two weeks.   We realize now more than ever that we could not have made this journey alone.  Thank you to the hundreds of you who pray and support us as we continue to walk this adoption path.  We could not have made it without you, and pray that you also are blessed through our lives, together.  I could write for days, but I have learned moving images can say so much more than I could ever express in words.







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