Sweet words from Mama

Mama is Mommy in Chinese. I know it is simple but when you hear those words for the first time it makes your heart leap.  My sweet wife and “mama” to our kids wrote this on Facebook today.


It was one week ago today, just seven days, that Xiao Min came into our lives. I would hold a scared and fearful, yet incredibly brave girl in my arms and in an instant she would be orphan no more. And our family would be complete. It was such a joyous day for our family but for Mia Kate, it was a day of great loss. She would loose, yet again, everyone she held dear to her and although it wasn’t a family, it is all she knew. And they did love her. I will never forget laying her in the bed on that first night, only have met her five hours before and staring into those big beautiful almond eyes. She was beautiful. And she stared back at me and put her hands in mine and fell asleep. What a brave soul my sweet daughter is. She has been through more in her little two years of life than all of mine. She’s been so sick that she almost died and now she is a walking miracle. Mia Kate- A fierce, brave girl that I’m proud to call my daughter. A week later and the tears have subsided for the most part and she is fitting into our family the only way God knows how to do. We have lots of learning and growing but how much she has blessed our lives already.
“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3




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