Dancing Shoes


IMG_1650 copy

These shoes were made for dancing…

Each day with Mia Kate is a new discovery for us and for her. Those of you who have adopted probably can relate. We are meeting and learning about our daughter in new and interesting ways each day. We are introducing her to things like pizza and French fries. The also are discovering the things she already knows, like how to peel and eat a hard-boiled egg, play with something like playdough, and dancing – and boy does she love dancing. You turn on music and she can get down with the best of them. But my favorite thing is that she loves shoes. The first day we got her we gave her a pair of brown boots, and she spent hours putting them on and taking them off. Even when we went back to her orphanage she showed the caretakers her boots as if they where a brand new pair from the runways of Paris. We then progressed to a pair converse, which she proudly put on and danced around the room showing everyone. I am learning that she/we were made for dancing. Each day we spend with her, her smile grows another few inches, her laughter gets a little louder and her dancing moves us all. It’s as if she is saying to us and to the world watch out because these shoes were made for dancing.

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