Love & Greatness


Today we drove to see the beginnings of a great life…

I have come to the conclusion Mia Kate is destined for great things and God is just allowing us to have a front row seat on this journey. The truth is we are all destined to do great things if we allow God to work in our life, because greatest comes from overcoming obstacles. Some of us just have bigger ones than others. As I stood in the room where Mia had spent much of her life I was caught off guard. In my life I have been blessed with visiting orphanages all over the world, but today I had different set of eyes. I was not here to make a video or tell a story of a ministry. I was here to see where my daughter had her humble beginnings. So many times I have thanked social workers and nannies for the ministry they are providing for the very least of these. Today I came face to face with the angels in the form of workers and foster moms who helped to mold my daughter into who she is and who she will become. And in the eyes of all I encountered I saw love. They had truly loved Mia Kate. They had invested in her so that she might become something great. The conditions Mia lived in where not good by many standards, but the love she felt each day was incredible. Today I am thankful because these women have laid the seeds for a beautiful women to grow and blossom. The baton has now been passed to Melissa and I. We are honored God has chosen our family to impact the life of Mia Kate. Our obstacles make us who we are, and I believe that Mia will change the world and it has started already with ours.

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