1000 letters later



I remember 3 years ago sitting down with my wife after completing our first set of orders on ETSY.  I think we sold 6 letters for $45 a piece.  I looked at her and said “by my calculations we only need 994 more letters” I was joking a little but today after closing the shop I thought I would calculate how may letters we had made.  After 3 years of sweat and sawdust we have made just over 1000 letters.  I can only sit hear and praise God for how he has provided.  If I could talk to myself that night I am not sure i would believe myself, but looking step by step at the journey I see God’s hand providing.  Thank you to the hundreds of you who purchased a letter or prayed for us align the journey.  All I can say is – our God is an Awesome God!

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