The look…

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You know the Chirstmas look … the “I just can’t wait much longer” look. This time of year I see the look in my kids eyes as they stare at their stockings or at the hundreds of toy catalogues that stuff our mailbox.

But I have to confide – I have the same look, but its not about presents though it’s about this sweet girl that I will soon be able to look eye to eye with and tell her she is forever part of our family and our hearts . My sweet Mia Kate will be here soon. Sure we still have another 3-4 weeks before we head to pick her up, but in that same short time I am excited at the anticipation that our lives will forever be different – a good different. I have been making letters and tables and crafts for 3 years, each one bringing us closer to covering the hurdles of adoption and very soon that day will be here.

Looking back over our 3 year journey I have learned so much about woodworking, running a small business, getting ready for adoption and how to be a better dad. Looking forward I know it will not be easy but I am thankful for the hundreds of people who have entered our life and will be there with us in the good and the bad. But I have faith the good will be great. Even now as I read this outloud to myself I am overwhelmed at the joy that will soon be in our home…forever

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