Why Pallet Letters?

3 years ago Melissa and I decided we should adopt from Asia.  As I started to panic over the stress of raising money to adopt internationally (it can be up to $40,000 from some countries we looked at) I found myself walking and praying.  As I prayed I felt God telling me He would provide, and it would come through making pallet tables similar to the ones I had made for my family that Christmas.

A idea was born.



I started with tables but one afternoon Melissa mentioned she wanted a few letters for our kitchen wall.  Several piles of sawdust later I made a set of EAT letters.  I then texted my new creation to my sister at Thistlewood Farms, she posted it on her blog and the letted took off.

A business was born

Since that time we have been privileged to have made items for Whole Foods, Harp Design Co, several businesses and hundreds of homes.  God is awesome and we are thankful for all that he has done.

We look forward to the journey ahead with Mia Kate, but today we reflect on all the good that came from that pray walk many years ago.

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