Ten Things I’m Thankful for Today


Lists are what make the world go round. So today in the hustle and bustle of Easter and TYW and Xtreme Camp and my mom Selling her house and Champe’s Birthday and A WMU Convention and you get the picture… I wanted turn to the blog and list things I was thankful for.  A list that is bascally a thankyou to God for all that he has blessed me with.

It starts with the 4 favorite things in my life.  These are the easiest four things to be thankful for.

1. Melissa – My sweet wife who is ever supportive.  Her smile always puts an extra bounce in my step.

2. Champe – The ever faithful artist

3. Eli – The loyal comedian

4. Genevieve – The little bundle of joy


Now the List gets a little harder

5. My Job – I am thankful that God has blessed me with the chance to do something I Love each day.  Yes I get tired and worn down, but in the end I get to be creative in so many exciting ways.

6. Our new house – We looked for months for a house that would provide memories for our kids, and God has given us that.  With the trampoline up and the playroom full let the memories begin.

7. My Miter saw – I know this is a little weird, but it really represents the whole craftsman hobby thing I have going on.   I recently have been making pallet tables, and when you see the sawdust fly and the nail gun start it means I am having a grand old time in the garage.

8. Pizza – For some reason every list I read always mentions pizza, and I do love a good sausage pizza. So I am adding it to my list also…

9. My church – My church is teaching my kids the foundations they can stand on later.  They love to come to church, and that makes my heart fill with joy.  For some reason though their favorite thing to do is to come into the booth with me.  I am not sure if that is me, or the 28 TV screens we have in there?

10. My life – The truth is I am tired and worn out, but in the end God has blessed my family and I.  The sun rises and the sun sets  what happens in between is life, and He has given me a great life.



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