What am i supposed to do with a girl?

I sit in the chair with the boys fast asleep upstairs and my heart and mind are racing.  Tomorrow our family moves from 4 to 5.  At this point it is not the number that is getting me, it is the whole girl thing.  If I’ve heard it one time I’ve heard it ten thousand times – a girl will change my life, she will be the apple of my eye, the catch phrases go on and on.  But my mind is still full of questions. Questions I know that won’t be answered for days if not years to come. I can still remember the days running up to both Champe and Eli’s birth, and the uncertainty and joy that filled my mind.  I remember bringing each one home and sitting on the couch, looking at Mel and saying.  “Can you believe we are parents.  Who in their right mind would let us raise kids?” (i actually ask myself that once a week)  I am not sure what tomorrow may bring but i do know it will be a blessing.  I love my wife and my boys, and I’m not sure how i can give out anymore love to a baby girl.  But as a good friend John told me, God provides the love.  He is the giver of love.  Now when do we get rid of all this pink stuff around here?

2 responses to What am i supposed to do with a girl?

  1. Amber

    You will be a wonderful father to your sweet little girl. And she will LOVE her daddy more than you will ever know…at least on this side of heaven.

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