His Life is a Musical

I’ve never gone into great detail about my kids, but recently my life has become a lot like a sitcom.  With 2 boys and a girl on the way.  Yes, if you are not up to date with the Presley clan we are expecting a little girl around thanksgiving.  So I came home the other day to hear the lovely tunes of a 4 year old singing.  You see Champe’s life is a musical.  He lives his life as if he is a permanent fixture on a stage.  I would like to think he is training for Broadway or a simple community theater, but i don’t think he cares.  You see if singing is a super power he is the superman of 4 year old singers.  Every phrase, thought, or mumbled word throughout the day seem to make their way into a song.  He is a song machine, our own Jukebox.  With each tune, it seems no matter how normal or unique his songs are, I am proud that he is letting his creative shine for the world to see (or hear.) His life is a musical.

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