One year later

It is amazing what changes happen to you and your family in a year. A year ago we said goodbye to my father – the whale. I spent most of today reflecting on how i was supposed to feel, and then it hit me that I need to feel the way I do today, not how someone in a hallmark card told me to.
Today I look back on the many adventures my dad and I shared. I look back on the laughs we shared as we worked together. I smile at the tears we shared as a family. I reflect on the advise and words of wisdom he shared with me. Today I celebrate a man that made me who I am. I stand today a man of God who seeks to be the dad my father was and the husband he taught me to be. I thought a year later i would be brought to tears today. Instead I am smiling ear to ear at the thousands of stories he gave me.
I lot happened to us this year. It was a year of firsts- both saying goodbye to my dad, and saying hello to my second son Eli. We had to say good bye to close friends at work and sold our house (that is a story for another day.) Perhaps it was a year like that for you. It would be easy to reflect on the bad, but today in honor of my dad take a moment to reflect on the smiles that life brought you. As a family we look forward to next year. And i am going to start it the way my dad would want me to. tomorrow i head out for a ten day mission trip to South Africa. This is a day we will not soon forget.

4 responses to One year later

  1. Cathy Kelley

    This has been a very eventful year for me as well. I remebered yesterday with joy and a touch of sadness. I miss your dad greatly but take comfort knowing he is with God watching over his family and the many friends he touched during his life. I smiled when I looked at my grand-daughter, who turns 1 year old tomorrow. I smiled when I looked into my husband’s eyes and saw the love he has for me and our family. Whale watches us all and, I belive, is smiling. God bless you and your family.

  2. Scott Sunderman

    For some reason, it feels like 5 years since he passed away. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it is because we talk about him nearly every week. Perhaps it is because all our searches to find another teacher for our class has confirmed what we always knew: you can’t replace Dr Mark! Perhaps because I try so inadequately to fill those shoes each week. Certainly it is because we miss him so profoundly.

    He was going to teach a series on “Family Issues”. He said it was the one thing our class had in common – everyone had family issues! There was no reference book he was planning on using; just a compilation of passages that showed how people throughout the Bible have had to deal with family issues. We were so looking forward to hearing his colorful and candid spin on this topic. Every week we find ourselves saying: “We need that series on family issues”.

    We know God’s timing is perfect. I would have liked just a bit more though. I can’t wait to hear what he’s been preparing when I see him again.

  3. Jeff Warren

    Loved your dad. I smile every time i think of him. Love you too Mark. You’ve been on my heart and in my mind. I hope you’re having a memorable and meaningful time in South Africa.

  4. Mark Schneider


    You and your beautiful family have been on my mind as I reflect back on the events of a year ago. I have to say how deeply touched and moved I was then, and continue to be, at the grace your family displayed during that difficult time. You guys are awesome, and it is beautiful to see the various personality traits of your father carried on in different ways by each of you.

    Wishing you peace and joy as you continue to reflect back on the wonderful man Whale was….and is through each of you.


    Mark Schneider

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