I miss you dad

I know it’s been a while, but to be honest I have been scared to write here. Tonight I write this post from my iPhone in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. I am at our annual church youth camp We are in worship and God is really here. The power just went off to the entire camp, so we moved to an outdoor venue. All that setup for this … I miss my dad. In the midst of an incredible worship set the sun started to set and my first thought was my dad. You see be loved sunsets. I still remember the call I got from him as he sat at the top of enchanted rock watching the sun set. Or the times at the cape working on the house watching the sun set. Or the days in the fly fishing. Watching the sun set.

It sounds like sadness but my heart is overflowing with joy. I miss my father but I love my God. If my dad never passed I would not have grown the way I have this year. If he never died I would not realize the power of technology. His life and death have inspired me to love my wife and my boys. He has become my inspiration to truly live. His death has become the purpose behind me living a life if joy. I laugh because all this is coming out through tears and an iPhone. Praise God…

Oh and 8 people just came forword during the invitation to make Jesus lord of their life.

5 responses to I miss you dad

  1. Amber

    Thank you for continuing to share your heart, your life, and your dad. Our God is SO AMAZING to orchestrate things the way He does…that same sunset spoke to me, and to several others, I’m sure. Our God knew that in that very moment you would need to remember and reflect…and share. By sharing your moments with Him and your thoughts of your dad, you inspire others to appreciate the people and moments in THEIR lives that are truly precious. Thank you. So glad to call you a friend.

  2. Cathy Kelley

    You received a gift in that sunset. The gift of remembrance and God’s grace. We are all still here with you and I personally remember your dad everyday. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t think about Mark and remeber all the good times and how much he touched my life. My heart, love and prayers continue to be with your family.

  3. jill byrd

    thank you for sharing this post. I missed the sunset that so many are talking about. Facing the stage, I had my back to the sun…but I know I was blessed as well that night. It felt good to have a simplified service, although it probably wasn’t that simple to those of you behind the scenes. Thank you for taking time away from Mel and the boys to be at camp this year. You play a vital role in the whole camp experience and it’s forever recorded for all time. That’s an amazing gift. I can’t help but think about you and your Dad today, on Father’s Day, your first without him. Man I miss him. When will I stop expecting him to show up in the Youth Office? Love you, Jill

  4. Linda Dyer

    Ever once in a while, I check your blog…I have been thinking about you guys alot this week…moving into the big house! I walk almost every evening up Bonner street, and am so happy to see life in the house again. Your Dad would feel blessed to see the lights on and joy in the house…just living life and loving Our Heavenly Father!

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