January in 270 words (or less)

This is January in 270 words (or less)

It was a wild start to the new year.  Life in the Presley house has truly been more like a drag race and less like a roller coaster.  Christmas was awesome, it is a Presley rule that any gift given to a sibling must be handmade. My family did not disappoint in the creative category this year.   This month Champe started potty training,  Eli started eating solid foods, and Melissa and I are exhausted(but having a ball).  Kari and Kijsa are iced in up in Kentucky, there is a chance that Kari may not get here electricity back on for up to 3 weeks.  Whitney started a new job (technically that was before Thanksgiving but it seems like yesterday.)  We also said another long goodbye to Stephen as he headed back to the land of the Scots.  My dad received administrator of the year and my mom will accept his award later this month.  But the big news is that we are going to sell our house and start renting from my mother.  This will give all of  us a “year of transition”  as we get the McKinney house ready for either us to purchase or to sell to another lovely family.  We have been packing boxes, discovering toys that were long lost and getting ready for the change ahead.  As I  look back on the start of the year I smile,  God continues to bless our family.  In good times and bad, He is always Lord of our lives.  Today take a moment to celebrate what he is doing in your life.

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