No cows were injured in the making of this post…

All this time i thought it was the stuff of movies.  You see in pictures and other material that the Indians let the cows roam free.  That motorcycles, cars and all other traffic come to a stop whenslide5 they cross the road.  It is true!  and it makes a four hour trip much longer when you are dodging cows the entire trip.  I learned today the Indians call them brake checks.  Today was a full day.  we spent the day in PUDUCHERRY (finally the correct spelling)  We visited a local church that is trying to plant a English speaking church.  Puducherry has almost 1 million people with 200 churches.  there is not a single English speaking church in the city.  They told us there is over 150,000 English speakers in the town.  While there we also saw several other ministries they are starting including a computer center, and a ministry to a local outreach new age community.

It was a full day, and along the way i got to touch the Bay of Bengal, and a random elephant in front of a hindu temple.  If you gave slide6the elephant a coin it would bless you by touching your head.  We tried and it did not bless us.  I think grant said it best when he looked at the trainer and said.  it is OK i am already blessed.  It really is a heart breaker to see a people so committed to a belief that is taking them no where.  I look forward to seeing what we can do to partner with the church here in India.

Please pray for our trip as we head back late tomorrow night.  I am not looking forward to another 20 hours on a plane…

3 responses to No cows were injured in the making of this post…

  1. Mikelle

    Thanks for the amazing details of your trip. The pictures are great, too. I am praying for your safe return and patience on the 20 hour plane trip. It is so wonderful to share the experiences of India with you and the group through your blog. Thanks!

  2. Melba Jeffus

    Hi Mark,
    I am so excited about your trip to India. You didn’t mention this trip when we visited at the golf tournament. Did it happen unexpectedly? Your Dad would be savoring every moment of this trip through your pictures and writings. Stan, my husband, has an office in Chennai and has to go over there from time to time. I think he’s been 3 times and really loves it. What a fantastic opportunity for you to share God’s Word and plan of salvation with those you are contacting. Your pictures are wonderful. My favorite is the one of you with the elephant. By now your are home and trying to recover from jet lag. I’m looking forward to your next post.
    God Bless you and your family,
    Melba Jeffus
    Eastfield Marketing

  3. Mark Presley

    Melba it was great and yes i do think my dad would love it. If your husband is lookign for a good church in chennai try – Powerhouse
    also the food at Sparky’s was awesome!

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