What time is it here?

India is 11:30 hours ahead of Texas, which means we spend most days trying to figure out if it is morning or night.  It was a 20 hour flight over to Chennai, so that does not help the situation.   Even with the time difference it is amazing to see the similarities between the church as a whole all over the world.  Today we spent the day traveling to different churches.  All of which are the same “POWERHOUSE church” umbrella but meeting in different locations.

The first of which met in a local restaurant.  The restaurant features American food and really makes a mean chicken fried steak.  Although it cannot compete with my Mother-inlaws, because she makes it all from scratch.  The unique thing about the restaurant is that is is a giant mission project.  The owner is a missionary who raises support to live in India.  The restaurant gives all of it’s profits back to various ministries within the city that reach out to the poor and needy.  The restaurant has become completely self sufficient, and is able to make a difference in a way i have not seen before.  What a creative idea.

The second church was meeting in a local community college.  The vision of the church is to reach the influencers and upper middle class of the city.  The goal in reaching this community is that they are the ones who will help to transform India.  There is not much movement between the classes, so in reaching the class that influences government and business you can change all of India.  Again a creative idea.

The last church was a church in the education section of Chennai.  The goal of the english speaking church is to raise up students that will then travel all over the world taking the gospel with them.  Many of the students get trained in hig end jobs and then move away for better jobs.  As a result the message of Christ travels with them.  Again creativity at its best

What i have learned to day is that we serve a Great God.  When we focus on Him he provides us a way to take His message around the world.  It has been an encouraging day to see God’s people at work.

Tomorrow we are visting several projects in Puducherry, which is four hours south on teh coast.  It is a former french colony that has a heavy new age influence.  The community was hit hard by the tsunami.  I can feel your prayers here.  You can pray for me as a try to capture footage that will best tell the story of God’s movement in India.

2 responses to What time is it here?

  1. Joanne Eaton

    Still praying for all of you. Thanks for the updates and wonderful pictures. It is so encouraging(and truly amazing) to see Christ at work in places like India. He is awesome! Joanne

  2. Yes, praying for you… may God give you strength in your journey and eyes to see Him more clearly than ever.

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