Off to India…

Yes you read that correctly,  Today i am headed to India for a short mission trip.  Please keep me in your prayers as i expand my mission field.  It is going to be a quick trip that will put me back in McKinney next Wednesday night.  I really am looking forward to the adventure ahead.  To be honest it feels a little like The Amazing Race.  (they went to India last week)  I am headed to Chennai on the the Southeast coast of the Country.  I will be joined by 4 others as we both scout for a future trip and make new contacts.  Personally i am hoping to capture some footage and interviews for a documentary i am working on.  Through pictures and video i want to share my personal vision to change the world around me.  It is both our calling and our purpose to reach out a hand to those in need.  I am hoping to do that this next week.

3 responses to Off to India…

  1. The Champe Fisher Family


    Safe travels. We can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about the trip.

    The Champe Fishers

  2. Aunt Susie & Uncle John, Dana & Patrick

    Mark –
    We are thinking of you and your family. Have a safe journey to India and back. Love to you all –
    Aunt Susie & Uncle John

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