Happy Birthday

Sorry for the delay in writing.  Life in the presley house has been crazy.  Today I wanted to take moment and let you know that It is my Fathers Birthday.  Please Say a pray for my mother and the entire Presley clan.

4 responses to Happy Birthday

  1. Juliet Kauffman

    Another memory about your dad:
    The first year your father went to Franklin and Marshall he was 17 or 18 and I was 12 or 13. I was staying with Aunt Ione and Uncle Oran, his parents, and your dad was one of the most fun people in the household (no surprise there). So suddenly it became rather boring! And then it was his birthday and he was gone. It seemed so sad that he wasn’t with family. I hadn’t learned that friends became a new family. So I thought I’d send him a gift.
    At the time, homemade was all I could afford. So I made a “Happy Birthday” banner. It was made of construction paper and string. I cut stencils of each of the letters and slipped another colored paper between so that it showed through the stencil. The border stencil was a light blue and there were probably at least five other colors. Each letter was about 4 inches square. I designed it so that it was reversible, so that on the back of the H was the K of Mark. It must have been about 6 feet or longer.
    The best part for me was that he liked it! He hung it up across his room. I doubt it bothered him that it was from his pestering cousin. And he told me later that he kept it a long time. Of course, the construction paper faded and became brittle. It wasn’t supposed to last forever. It was so much fun to make.
    Ask me to tell you about the gift I gave your grandfather for Christmas that year! I was quite creative with things lying around the house!

  2. The Champe Fisher Jr Family

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    You are always in our thoughts.

    The Champe Fisher Jr Family

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