33 and still kicking

Today it happened, i reach the ripe old age of 33.  I was born to Mark and Anne Presley on September 9, 1975 in Morgantown, West Virginia.  In doing so I became the first presley boy and the world I think literally stopped.  In some respects i was dreading today, because my dad was not here to say he was proud of me.  But the day has been incredible.  This year was a hard one, it was one i will look back on and realize how much i changed and grew up in a year.  I had the birth of a son, the death of a dad.  I had to say goodbye to good friends, and the joy of serving with a group of believers in New Community.  I designed a book cover, and got to drive back from Cape Cod.  It has been a roller Coaster, but through it all I have been challenged to cherish the ones who are on the journey with me.

I love Eli, Champe and Melissa.  They have been my Joy in tough times and a source of inspiration in good times.  Tomorrow life will move on at the same hectic pace, but today we celebrate.  Today is my Birthday.

Oh and by the way Melissa turned 33 last Thursday, September 4th.  I think the world stopped for more than a moment when she was born!

5 responses to 33 and still kicking

  1. Hey Mark-
    thought you might like the post today on the studio site-
    Happy Birthday & a Very belated, but equally happy, Birthday to you Melissa!

  2. Juliet Kauffman

    Mark! You are making me feel very old! I remember when you were born.

    It was about time for a boy! What a Joy. Your great-grandma (Iva Iona Whitney Whitehead) had a preponderance of great grand daughters. When she died there were eight girls and no boys. Then nine (four girls and finally five boys) were born after her death on December 16, 1968.

    Happy Birthday Melissa!

    Hope your birthdays were wonderful. Melissa you are five days older. I hope you take full advantage of your superior maturity.

    (And Happy Birthday, Haley in Scotland).

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