A week of first…

My sister Kijsa has a personal blog (http://www.kijsa.blogspot.com/ )  in addition to Kijsa and Kari’s already incredible blog (http://kariandkijsa.blogspot.com/)  I really don’t know how they have time to write as much as they do?

Today Kijsa’s post on her personal blog both brought me to tears and inspired me to move forward in creating new memories as a family.  I have seen a side of my siblings that i have to seen in years.  Through a tragedy our family and our relationships have grown and been stretched.  This week has been tough because it is a week of first for all of us.   But it is the relationships with each of my sisters and brothers that has helped us to honor each other and my dad.

2 responses to A week of first…

  1. Mark, your dad was a great man. He loved to tell people about Christ and He LOVED his family. I am sitting here reading the entries and am so blessed to feel a part of your family. I miss your family and wish I could be there to help is some way. I love your boys like they were my own nephew. I loved living across the street from your parents and when your dad would stop by randomly, but always leaving you with something interesting. I too am praying for your mom. School will be for her, but I am sure the nights are hard. Yeah that Eli slept 4 hours. I miss ya’ll terribly. More than you know, especially since all this has happened and I am helpless but to pray. Praying is big and I that is what I am going to do. I loved you Dad and He was a great man of God. Thanks for sharing him.

  2. Jill Byrd

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!! You are loved by many and entertained by even more. My family wishes you all the best today and in the next year.

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