Looking down on us

Please say a prayer today for my mother and my family.  Today is my parents 41st wedding anniversary.

Last night I took some time to look at pictures of my dad, and came across this gem.  I could not help but think this is what is going on in heaven.  Whale is taking time to look down on us and smile.  It has been a hard few weeks, but if good was to come out of this it is that I got to hear from each of you,  I got to see my Dad inspire others with his life, and I learned to count each moment with my wife and my sons a blessing.

Eli is doing great.  Two nights ago he slept for 4 hours which gave Melissa the much deserved rest she needed.  It is funny to see you in your son.  The way he sleeps and moves his mouth reminds me of me. More importantly it reminds me of whale.  He is a little whale, a chunker of a boy.  He is a perfect reminder of the best of my dad.  It was said at one of the memorial services, “good men always die to soon.”  My dad was a good man.

4 responses to Looking down on us

  1. Great picture of your Dad. Your sister’s posted a poem that told a lot about your Dad’s outlook in life on their blog today. I’ll pray for your Mom. Those firsts are so hard.

  2. Cathy Kelley

    I will pray for your mom as she goes through this difficult milestone. You all have such great memories of your dad and they will stay with you the rest of your lives. Those memories will keep your dad alive and with you. I know he is in heaven looking down on us all and is especially proud of his family. Know that my thoughts are with you all every day.

  3. texasschneiders

    Your dad was very observant. I see that in you too.

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful glimpses into the world as you see it.

    May all our perspectives be changed and be made rosier through the eyes of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks for seeing others through Jesus Goggles.
    Through his perspective the flaws are erased, the imperfections made perfect and the sins hidden far from sight.

    May we all see one another in that way.

    You are a wonderful example on how to love and see others. You are a great legacy to your parents.

    love, Barb

  4. Though I didn’t know your dad much at all, I was around him just enough to see parts of him in you. And you know how awesome I think you are! I am always blessed by your blog because your words come from the deepest parts of your soul, and that is a very rare gift. I’m blessed to call you friend and grateful for your willingness to express all of yourself. More of us should follow your lead.

    Lifting up your family to our Holy God,


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