Do Dogs know?

I am sitting at my computer tonight reflecting on the week ahead and all I can think of is – does Maggie, my great Dane, know?  Does she know that we have a new addition to the family, Eli, and that he is hear to stay.  Does she know that my dad is gone.  Does she know the pain in my heart for my dad, and the joy in my soul for my son?  I have heard from many that dogs can sense things, but does she know?  Looking back this has been a roller coaster of weeks, yet I can say Maggie is always there with her cold wet nose leaning on the side of my favorite chair.  There is a certain comfort that she brings to me and my family. 

Denny’s hand surgery went great, and Kari got moved in.  They are in the middle of reconstruction of their new home, and yes they are living right in the middle of it.  There are times i wonder if my family is crazy or is it just me. Recently, It is in those times i think of my dad and just laugh.  I think it is a little of both…  

The service at Eastfield, my dad’s college, was great.  The dean’s, administrators, and fellow professors shared stories with us about our dad.  Some were sad, some unique, and some funny, but all were special.  My dad was a great man, and he would be humbled by the remarks and comments, but he would love the stories.  My dad was not just a story teller he loved to listen to stories also.

Please pray for my mother.  She will be returning to McKinney this Friday, and her 41st wedding anniversary will be next Tuesday.  She begins teaching this Monday and is excited about the year ahead.  I truly believe this will be one of the greatest years she has ever taught.

5 responses to Do Dogs know?

  1. Cathy Kelley

    Does Maggie know? Yes Mark, she does know. I know this because I have a new addition to my family, my wonderful granddaughter McKinzie. I have two dogs and they have never been around a baby before. One of my dogs, Ginger, has one of those temperaments that scare people because she is, what I call, a scared barker. She barks at everyone and will not let anyone outside of the family pet her. My daughter has two young step-children and Ginger won’t let them get near her. Yet with McKinzie it is different. She goes up to Mckinzie and smells here and looks at her and then lays down with her, so yes Maggie does know. As for knowing about your dad, yes she knows that too. My dogs sulked when three of my children left our house. It is not the same as your situation but they knew just the same that they were gone. Animals grieve just like people do and they do know when someone is missing from the family. But she too will adapt and realize that this is change and will accept it. Remeber we all experience change in one form or another and we eventually learn to adapt. It just takes longer in different situations.
    All my love and prayers,

  2. Don and Janice Paschal

    I am definitely a dog lover and feel I am in tune with the dogs I’ve had. One of my dogs used to fake not being able to get up the steps when my little nephews came to visit. We would have to go outside and carry the dog back into the house. When the company left, the dog would have a “miracle healing” and literally run up the steps.

    My most recent experience was with my sister’s dog. My nieces and I went to visit my sister last October for her birthday. We had a wonderful day on Friday shopping, eating out and visiting. Later that night at my sister’s house, her dog starting acting funny. The dog was moping around and very restless at times. Someone even commented that the dog seemed to not feel well. It was in the middle of the night when the dog barked that we discovered the reason for Shelby’s unusual behaviour. I was awakened to hear my sister take her last gasp of breath. My nieces and I attempted CPR but we were unsuccessful in reviving her. As a side note, my sister would have wanted to go this way–suddenly and with her family there.

    So, yes, I think dogs can sense a lot more than we realize they can.

  3. Mark,
    Have thought of your Mom a great deal as the new school year unfolds. I would think the additional support from staff and students will assist her healing from all of the events of the summer, especially your Dad’s death. I am glad the Eastfield ceremony was so meaningful. I too believe dogs sense the mood and mode of the family. Whenever a suitcase appears my dog Dallas pouts and lies really low!!


  4. Barbara Schneider

    Yes, I must agree that dogs, (furry family members) do know! My boxer Bentley becomes unnerved when I cry. He pushes my arm, my leg or what ever body part is by his head to get me to stop. He groans and puts his ears back during any “episode” in which tears come and I am upset. I find myself getting him settled and it brings me back to better place. Yes, God was kind when He realized that we needed pets for companionship. They do offer unconditional love. I am glad God did that for us.
    I am glad you have that in your life…..good for you kids too!

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