A moment of silence

Today my brother and I are honored to attend a special service at Eastfield College.  My dad was an administrator there since the early 90’s, and it was a school that was always close to his heart.  My father loved to pour his life and soul into things.  He did into each one of his kids, he did into my life.  But he also poured his life into his students.  I can still see him now standing in front of a board waving his arms and making poetry from plate tectonics.  He was a man that left a memory, and he will be missed.  The service is from 2-3pm at Eastfield.  Pray for my brother and I as we share the legacy of my dad with the students and faculty of the school he loved.

3 responses to A moment of silence

  1. Amy and Jody Woolevrton

    Presely Family,

    I wanted to let you know what Dr. Mark meant to me. You see I grew up without a dad in the family. This man seizing the opportunity, became an example to me of what a man truly is. I remember driving all across Texas in that white Chevy truck. I think Jr made me do it so I could listen to his stories. However corney they were, I loved them. I also enjoyed the teaching moments I had with him including the time he taught me CPR. He told me NOT to actually put my mouth on his because he already had a smooching partner. I never let him live it down, BUT I knew he loved Ann so much. It was very clear when I saw them together. I am sorry for the loss, But I am also happy for the gain. I gained a father figure, friends and hope that I could some day be what God intended. Alot was due to Dr. Mark and his heart for loving and leading. He will be missed. We love you all and will continue to pray for your healing.

    The Woolverton’s
    Via Con Dios Dr. Mark

  2. Cathy Kelley

    Mark and Stephen,
    Your words were eloquent and so very true. Your dad was one of a kind and loved teaching so much. While working with him I got to know and experience the love he had for teaching, the students and staff. You are making him proud with all you are doing to keep him memory and his stories. I feel very blessed to have known your dad and even more blessed to know your entire family.
    May God watch over you,

  3. Terry Brown

    I’ve taken my time about sending condolences–trying to think of something profound to say–I have given up and decided to just say what comes. He was my favorite actor in FBC dramas because he always made me laugh but still be impacted by the message of the drama. I will miss him in all his roles in the dramas but also as a teacher. I enjoyed his teaching in the youth department and his fun sense of humor-what a joy to hear the Word from him.

    Our family was on vacation during the week Dr. Mark got sick and we thought about him and prayed for you all each day. We checked the blog and prayed but all around Hawaii we were reminded by the Holy Spirit to pray again and again as He reminded us in things like a whale-watching sign or a beach sign that reminded us you were at the beach, too. So even though we didn’t comment until now, God used us to intercede for you all during that time and we continue to pray as you adjust to life without your husband, dad and granddad. He was a great man–we are blessed to still see him around FBC in your family!

    Love to you all,
    Terry and Jim Brown

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