Where do we go from here?

My Dad and Eli

This has been a roller coaster month.  From the birth of a son to the loss of a dad, we have been rocked as a Presley family.  Life must go on, but for now we celebrate the past and look to the future.  All of us are asking what happens now.  My pastor, Jeff Warren, spoke on community and doing life together Sunday.  I can tell you now we could not make it through the past few weeks without you.  From an aunt and uncle who took care of us at the Cape to the neighbors and family who watched our kids and homes in Massachusetts, McKinney, Scotland, Austin and Kentucky.  (Yes we Presleys are taking over the world.)  To the countless meals, cards and kind words you have shared with each of us on the blog and in private.  Thank you

I will continue to share our lives through this blog and would love to let you in on our world.  My sisters have started blogging again on their blog ( http://kariandkijsa.blogspot.com/) and my brother updates his blog from Scotland periodically ( http://stephenandhaley.blogspot.com/ )  Please feel free to check in on any of us at any time and leave a comment.  The computer that is so impersonal has become a lifeline to you our friends. 

As you go about your day say a prayer for my mother.  She returns to McKinney next week, after helping Kari move houses in Kentucky.  Life in McKinney will never be the same, but we realize now that together all of us can make it a better world. Today I challenge you to reach deep and tell someone that they matter.

2 responses to Where do we go from here?

  1. Juliet Kauffman

    Dear Mark and all,

    It is eerie to see your father with baby Eli, it could be your grandfather with any of you! That amazing bald pate (like the poem)! Only a few of you had your grandfather’s touch before his premature departure (he was not even 60), but so many of your own were impacted directly by your father. What a wonderful blessing.

    This impersonal computer has the joyous capacity of enlarging community and thereby providing support more easily typed than phoned or hugged.

    There is nothing like the finality of life to offer a reminder that now is the best time to say what is really true, what really matters! Thankfully your father gave you the great gift of showing how truly easy that is – to open your heart, to risk vulnerability, to not delay.

    Your thoughtful posts (as well as your sisters’ and brother’s) provide healing that helps you all move forward.


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