A fight with the weedeater

Just when we think we are on a journey of recovery another crisis arises. My brother-in-law Denny is having surgery on his hand tomorrow morning. It seems he got in a fight with the weed eater this weekend and the weed eater won. He cut his hand severely and broke bones in his hand near his index finger. Please pray for his surgery and recovery. Did I mention that they are trying to move out of the rental house into there new abode by tomorrow night also. Pray for Kari and the entire Wood family. It is on Denny’s left hand (which is the one he uses.) and will take several weeks to recover.
At some point you start to laugh because of what God is allowing to happen in our lives. At what point does it stop. I am not sure if it does, because if it did this thing called Christianity would be easy. We all know a relationship with Christ is never easy, but it is always worth it.

4 responses to A fight with the weedeater

  1. Bethany Johnston

    I asked Mrs. Presley earlier if I could have some of Dr. Mark’s poems and she told me to ask you for them. I love poetry and I think your dad was an awesome poet. Anyway, I’d love to read more if you’d allow me!

  2. Susan Spinney

    I think about all of you each and every day. I was honored to have Uncle Mark in my life. Every time I tell people about my summer, I tell them about my Uncle Mark and what an amazing person he was. I then also share how unfair the world seems sometimes. I know how instrumental he was in making sure that we got to know each other when we did. The five of you – my cousins – are also amazing people. He would be so proud of all of you.

  3. Cathy Kelley

    You must always watch the power tools. If you try to fight them they usually win. I will continue to pray for your family as you continue your journey of recovery. You are such a strong family and so full of faith that you are an inspiration to me. I will prayer for Denny that he has a successful surgery and full recovery, and I will continue to keep Kari and the entire Wood family in my thoughts.

  4. Barbara Schneider

    We will add this in our requests to our faithful Lord and Savior.
    Hang in there…….God has some fantastic stuff to show you about His Power and His Glory. Blessings will follow…..

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