My dads words

This morning I was reading a few of my dad’s poems and wanted to share them with the world:


I’m painting my father’s eyes
in lives forming beyond the vision
down the buds and branches
of our sacral tree.
But your hands do the drawing.
Your fingers touch the lines.
I’m shaping my father’s smile,
the window on the passion
rising in the foaming moments
of our river’s flow.
But you take the smiler’s vision.
You are the canvas,
clear and pure,
that I fill with everything I am.
But you hold the brush of blue and red and green,
you choose the changing patterns,
you are the master of my art.

Mark W. Presley

Here is a humorous one:


The reason some men are bald
is for God to look down
and see himself in the reflection.
It is man made for his image.
It is an act of worship
to lose your hair.

Mark W. Presley


8 responses to My dads words

  1. Juliet Kauffman

    How’d you like a great-grandfather’s story?

    In the early 60s, the American Baptist Convention came to Atlantic City, NJ! My Uncle Oran, Whale’s father, volunteered to create three crosses to be displayed during the conference. I remember they were huge. I was around 13, so I cannot fairly estimate their size (you know how things change size when you go back after many years?). Each cross had squares of relief to represent stories from the Bible, carved/fashioned from papier mache, The square was 12-15 inches and perhaps there were 5 across and the appropriate number down. So they were at least 5 feet across. Uncle Oran worked on them for a very long time, planning what was to be represented, placing them in a particular and sensible order, maybe to create a story. I remember being very impressed with his talent and he shared with me that art was his second love after the ministry. If there were 36 squares, what biblical events would you choose?

  2. Josephine

    Not only a talented man, but one who obviously had a great sense of humor 🙂

  3. Amber

    🙂 hahahahaha “Bald” totally made me laugh out loud. I hope your dad heard me…
    You’re a great man, Mark P. You carry that name well, continuing your father’s artistry (in your own, special way), echoing his humor in your own, and loving and serving because that’s what God intended you to do along the path to and through baldness. 🙂 Keep reflecting Him!

  4. Hello I am a fan of your sister blog and I just wanted you to know that I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work of your father, it is so inspiring to me and many others.
    May God bless and comfort you in the days ahead.

  5. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Hello ~ I happened here as a result of a visit to your sister’s blog. I am so behind and playing catch up on my visits. First of all, let me extend my apologies to you and your family. It is so painful to lose someone and your father sounds the pilar of the family. BTW, I love your blog name!! His poetry is remarkable and the BALD one made me chuckle. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Becky in California

  6. Sympathy to you and your family on the passing of a ‘Grand’ father. What a wonderful man. In the days, weeks, months ahead take the time to grieve. Mourn and cry freely. Don’t feel ashamed or as if you should ‘get on with life as usual’. Take the time to mourn your loss. Take the time to let the sorrow and pain inside flow freely out. For love is patient… He will embrace you with compassion and comfort you in understanding. He keeps our tears in a bottle. He knows how much you miss your Daddy. He knows and He loves and He carries your sorrows.

  7. Barbara Schneider

    Thanks for putting these out there. Keep on…bring us some more.
    My husband Mark has claimed the “bald poem” as his favorite. He is going to print it off and put it in his cube at work.
    Well Done!
    By the way……..the blog entries might go down in numbers but our prayers for you have not! We love you and are still lifting you up!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  8. Mary Carole Strother

    I would love to have a copy of the powerpoint of the poems you showed on the screen at your father’s service. The poems were a wonderful tribute to him and his gift of writing. As I read each verse that came across the screen I found myself anxious for the next poem to appear. I felt the urge to try to write them down so the words would not fade out of my memory. Have you thought about posting those in some way? I think they are a great message about life and relationships that a lot of people can apply to their lives.

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