Words of wisdom from a child

This morning my nephew Denton sent out an email to a friend.  We knew he was sending it what we did not know is the power of the words he would send out.  They were so strong we wanted to share them with all of you.

I know some of you knew my grandpa, Gigi was in the hospital. I don’t know how to say this, but 7:45pm on July 25, 2008 was the last time I saw him alive. Some of you may have experienced this before, so you know how it feels. When he was in a coma yesterday, I made him a promise: that I would take care of my grandma. Today, I honored that promise. My Nana gave me my Gigi’s cap and told me to wear it today, and to take care of her. I wear the cap with pride. Above all, please pray for our family to be able to move on without him. He was the best grandpa anyone could ever have.

You guys are awesome,

As whale would say, “He is a boy beyond his years.”  Please pray for our family as we celebrate the life of our father on the beach he loved tomorrow night at 7:00pm.  We will then travel cross country for the 3 day drive home to McKinney.  It will be the great family road trip my father always was looking for.

17 responses to Words of wisdom from a child

  1. Amber

    Denton’s words, his strength, his wisdom (beyond his years), his delightful personality, and his ability to engage others in the very things he loves is but another example of how your dad (GiGi, Whale, Dr. Mark) influenced the whole Presley ‘pod’. My thoughts are with you all as you continue to celebrate his life. Much like he would have been in life…Dr. Mark will certainly be the heart of your family road trip.

    Praying, praying, praying for God to paint this journey for your family as a breath-taking portrait of His sovereignty and love for you all.


  2. I am so sorry for all of you. Your Dad sounds like he was an amazing man.
    You will all be in my prayers.

  3. I am sitting in my home office this morning looking out at our rose garden. We had the hymn In The Garden at my father’s funeral. And, it is so true for me. He does walk and talk with me in the garden. I find it such a comfort, and a quiet place to be at peace. Today I pray for my father and yours. Our fathers are special.

    And, I pray for your family. I know God and your father accompany you every step of the way.

  4. Don and Janice Paschal

    Don and I are so saddened that Mark will no longer be with us physically in our couples Bible Study group of 15 years, but his presence will never leave us. His humor, encouragement, and teaching of the Bible studies will live on as we remember him each time we get together. Mark was always one of my favorite leaders because he made the study so interesting and meaningful. And I think I really related to him because we both have a little quarkiness about us.

    When I read what Denton Jr. wrote about his Gigi and his Nana, I was very touched. I know he was very sincere in his comments about taking care of his Nana. A couple of years ago, our sunrise Easter service at church was moved inside due to bad weather. I had the privilege of sitting behind Anne and Denton–just the two of them who I think traditionally went to the sunrise service together so they could get on back home to make preparations for the day. I became so emotional as I watched Denton’s attentiveness to Anne. Maybe it’s because I now have a little grandson who I adore so I could relate to how Anne must have been feeling. Denton would look at her with such love and put his arm around her. I could tell then that there was such a special bond between the two of them. So I know that Denton will be there along with the rest of your lovely family to love and support Anne in the days ahead. Please know too that her Bible Study group and all her friends in McKinney will be there for her as well.
    We love your family very much and stand ready to do whatever we can for each of you.
    Praying for you all.
    Janice Paschal

  5. I have never met you but my heart aches for you. I stumbled upon your blog today. Your father seems like a wonderful man. While we are strangers, we are family through Christ. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for the coming weeks and year. I pray for the peace beyond understanding that only God can bring.

  6. Susan Armstrong

    Mark (and Kari Anne),

    I’m remembering Denton and his grandpa narrating in church together a while back (a sweet picture) and Denton’s famous line…

    “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!”

    Heaven is echoing that today!

    Susan Armstrong

  7. Sherri Pinckley


    That is a very honorable promise you made to Gigi, but I know doing as you promised will be no problem for you. You learned from one of the best, Dr. Mark Presley. I know he is very proud of you and all your cousins. Comfort each other with your stories and memories of him. Be happy! You are very blessed to have had Gigi as YOUR grandpa! He loved you all very much.

    In God’s love and mighty strength,

  8. Janet (Maxwell) Cole

    I can’t believe we now live in a world that doesn’t have Mark Presley in it…I know there is rejoicing in Heaven, but I can’t help but be sad for those left here that didn’t get to experience him in this life. I adored your Dad – even if it had been years since our last meeting, he would always give me a big hug and say something unbelievably sweet.

    I am so proud of Denton; he is such a joy in the life of anyone who has ever met him. When I first saw him as a newborn I exclaimed, “It’s a tiny little Mark Presley (Sr.)!” It gives me comfort that there will be at least 3, 4 (or even more) Mark Presleys running around. God bless your precious family, and I will see you next weekend in McKinney.

    All my love,

  9. Barbara Schneider

    You are an amazing young man. You have a profound impact on all those who meet you. That is truly a gift your grandfather passed on to you. May you along with all the family continue the legacy GiGi started within you. I do miss you. I know God is doing amazing things through you up in KY. I look forward to seeing you when you are back in these parts. Our hats are off to you as you wear that cap in pride!
    We love you! We love all of you.

  10. Cathy Kelley

    Your GiGi is so proud of you and I know your grandma is also. You have made such a wonderful promise and I know you will keep that promise to your GiGi and your grandma. The blessings of the family you have will give you all the strength you need to keep GiGi alive in your family. God bless you and your family. Be strong in your faith and your memories. My thoughts are with you all.
    In God’s amazing Grace,

  11. Jeff Warren

    My heart breaks with you all. We all loved Dr. Mark- this lover of the world and all the people in it. He received you just as you are. He was a man of grace. He sacrificed his life for others. He has now joined his sweet mom and will welcome countless others he has impacted with the Gospel around the world.
    I loved Dr. Mark. He made me laughed (I’ll never forget several of the roles he played on our drama team). He always encouraged me.

    To Denton:
    Your Gigi is soooo proud of you (your entire family is). I am too. I’ve missed you and I’ve missed being your pastor (though I still feel like I am). The very best way to honor your granddad is to give your whole life to his/your Savior, Jesus, and live with Him and for Him all the days of your life. With all that your granddad knows now I know that’s what he would want more than anything else! I’ve been encouraged by your words.

  12. Glenda Montierth

    We are so very sorry to hear of your family’s loss. Losing the Patriarch of a family is never easy; however, Dr. Mark leaves wonderful sons (and grandsons) to fill that much needed patriarchal position. Surely he will always be near, showering you with his constant love.

    I have to express how impressed I am with you Presleys! At a time when I was very lonely, sad, and overall lost – a friendship between children, a laugh among women, and a few listening ears gave me better perspective as to my own path. Your family sets a fine example to those who are willing to watch. I’ve learned more about goals, confidence, humanity, and joy from precious glimpses into your family life.

    Thank you Mrs. Presley and Dr. Mark for creating a legacy, for living a Christ-centered life, and for your wonderful example.

    Our family shares in your sorrow. We will be praying for your comfort and peace in this difficult time.

    The Montierths

  13. Erin Reynolds

    What a beautiful promise you made to Gigi; I know he was so very proud of you! After reading many of the comments, I can see that it was your Grandpa who gave you that infectious smile; you lit up my life for a year with it :)!!
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Kaliece

    Denton,Zack,Whitney & Westleigh,
    We love you guys sooo much! We loved your Gigi too and know he is in heaven now.
    We will be comming in to meet you in Mckinney.

    your cousin,
    Kaliece 🙂

  15. Susan and Carl Hicks

    Your Gigi loved you so much! We so enjoyed having him as our Sunday School teacher. He would often talk about you. One story he mentioned was a couple of summmers ago when he drove to the Cape with just you in the car. He so treasured that time with you.
    I know you will miss him and I know he was so proud of you and all your sweet family. Jana and I have been praying for all of you. We miss seeing you with your infectious smile and personality. We know your and your brother and sisters were such a blessing to your sweet Gigi!
    In Christ love,
    Susan and Jana Hicks

  16. As your family celebrate the life of one who touched people he didn’t even know, or ever meet (such as my husband and my self)just knowing that he is sitting at the feet of Jesus our LORD and Savior will give you peace beyond words or deeds. We will keep you and your family in our prayers as you make the adjustments in the times ahead. Melessia’s mother is my sister in law. Kay shared Dr. Mark’s witness of life and it touched me so much.

    brother and sister thru the shed blood of Jesus.
    Robert & Hellen Howell

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