Please Pray

Please join with us in prayer.  Dr. Mark is in a fight for his life.  We received bad news from the Surgeon.  The last MRI and EEG showed that there was relatively no brain function.  The stroke that was caused by the bleeding was located in the center of his brain stem.  As a result information is not able to be received or delivered to the rest of his brain.  Below the stroke simple functions like breathing and cough are there, but nothing above the stroke is working.  However the worst is that Most importantly the stroke is located directly where the “wake-up” function of our brain is. The surgeon has seen this type of injury before and has never seen any one wake up from the coma.  He told us my dad is in a deep coma and will not return.  We need you to call out his name in prayer.  Tomorrow we will have one final test.  They will attach electrodes to his head and feet and see if the signal gets through.

This the entire family would like you to pray…Please pray for a clear direction for us.  The decsion ahead of us is too difficult for any of one us to decide.  Please pray for our family, we realize today we are the legacy of a man that was and is truly a good and faithful servant.  His wife, Anne,His daughters and sons Kari, Kijsa, Whitney, Mark And Stephen.  His grandchildren denton, Zach, Whitney, Westleigh, Talia, Keaton. Isla, Champe  and Eli  and finally Pray that God would be glorified through our family.  That the staff and doctors would see God through us.

One of the last conversations i had with my dad he said “these are the days that will define a man”  That is the truth.  today tell someone you love them because we realize now that time is limited…

As I write this it is pouring on the cape.  It is as if the very tears of heaven are joining our family as we celebrate the legacy before us.

We Love you dad

62 responses to Please Pray

  1. Pam Anderson

    It has been said again and again, that people will be praying. As much as we feel at times that it is not enough, it is enough! Our Father is the ultimate healer and knows the sorrow your family is fealing. We will continue to pray for our Father’s ultimate healing and that His will be done.
    We love all of you,
    Eddie & Pam Anderson

  2. Mark Schneider

    My heart breaks as I read your latest blog. We are still praying for a miraculous recovery that could only be divine. What a testimony it would be! But whatever the outcome, we know God’s perfect will and plan will be accomplished. We are truly blessed to know and love your father and your entire family. What a wonderful testimony you all are. You are all being covered with love and prayer. We know the tremendous impact your family is having right now on all you are in contact with in the hospital. Your family is truly blessed, and one of your greatest blessings is your wonderful dad. Thanks for the impact Dr. Mark and your entire family have had on so many lives. You are all dearly loved….

    Mark Schneider

  3. Lauren Gross Coe

    I read my mom’s comment to the Robert Frost blog along with the other posts about signing your Dad songs and talking to him. She is right. Somewhere in there your Dad hears you and knows you are there for him. There is hope in our great God! Give your mom,a hug from me please! And don’t forget to take care of yourselves too!
    Praying for your strength in these days!

  4. Tina Mewhinney

    To the Presley Family,
    I wanted you to know of my last conversation with Mark. I went to campus last Thursday afternoon specifically to see Mark before he left for the Cape. I have been on sabbatical and needed to prepare for my fall classes.

    Mark and I had a long conversation about family and trips to the beach. (We have this in common, as my husband kindly drives me and the dogs to the beach and then flies back to work. Then he returns to pick me up, just like Mark does with Anne.) Mark was so looking forward to spending the upcoming week with his family at the Cape.

    He told me with great affection a story about the drive up earlier in the bigger car. With gas prices he really wanted to take the Honda Civic, but there was this chair. . .

    He said he took apart an Adirondike chair so he could get it in the bigger car for Anne. And when he got to the Cape he put it back together for her. And it probably took a whole lot of gas to get it there.. . He said the chair was old but Anne really wanted it there –so “What do you do?”. I wanted you to know how much he enjoyed doing that for Anne and how much he was looking forward to being with you all and at the beach. I am very glad he got there.

    Sad and thinking of you.

    Tina Mewhinney

  5. Susan

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with your dad and his family.

  6. Lenora Naylor

    Presley family – I have been so privelged to work with your dear mom and my heart is so heavy for your whole family. Please know that tons of prayers are flowing from First Baptist Church, McKinney ISD and all of McKinney for all of you. Our prayers are stronger than medicine and we have been told what a fighter your father is. We pray that he continues to fight and that God will heal him. Please know that you are held in His loving arms and wrapped in all our prayers.

  7. Alan Pocock

    Dear Anne and family,

    Courtney and I are thinking of you all and praying for a miracle.

    Alan and Courtney Pocock

  8. Kaye Lee

    Presley family,

    I am an adjunct professor at Eastfield, and I have been fortunate to work with Dr. P. for over 5 years now. You are correct; he is a great man. His positive belief in goodness, and his regard for others is evident in everything he does. He is an incredible teacher, mentor, and leader who encourages you to be the best you can be. I am saddened by your latest news, but still praying for you all.

  9. Sherlyn Fulkerson

    My prayers are with you and your family. As you surely know, we at Eastfield love Dr. Presley (he of course was always comfortable with us calling him Mark but somehow I mostly still call him Dr.)….

    I believe your hearts must be breaking – I hope that your family, including Mark, can feel the love and prayers being sent your way.

    “May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he shine his face upon you and give you peace…”

  10. Amber

    Words cannot express the heaviness of my heart, though the tears that fill my eyes for each one of you seem a small, distant echo of the drops that pour out on the Cape. My heart breaks for each one of you as you face this difficult time…so unexpectedly.

    Might I say, though, that never have I read such encouraging, heart-warming responses to such a trial as I have in these few days. Dr. Mark has touched so many lives and impacted people around the world for Christ and his legacy echoes in their outpouring of love for him.

    How blessed your family is to have Dr. Mark as father, husband, grandfather, guide, encourager, teacher, and reflection of God. I know that each son and daughter of Whale is a continuation of that same bright reflection…even now.

    Please know my prayers continue for each of you…ever louder…in great petition of God’s will and glory through this all.

  11. Leslie (Wood) Heatley

    We are all in constant prayer with you all and your dad. We love him so much.

    I want you to know that Saturday night he was playing shuffle board at Mom and Dad’s house and was just as happy as I’ve ever seen him (even though he and Whitney would take turns missing the target completely, ha! ha!). When he was leaving, I stood up to shake his hand and said “it was great to see you again, Dr. Presley”. It was then that he pulled me close and gave me the biggest hug ever. He told me that he loved me and has been praying that I will completely recover (from breast cancer). My prayer is that he will someday read this and know how much that moment meant to me.

    I Love you all so much,

  12. Jack Haye

    Carol and I wept as we read your latest entry…We pray for wisdom and a peace that can only come from our Heavenly Father. We know we have hope because of Christ.

    Emily Dickinson once wrote this about hope:

    “Hope is the thing with feathers
    that perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune without words,
    And never stops at all.

    An sweetest in the gale is heard
    And sore must be the storm
    That could abash the little bird
    That kept so many warm.

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
    And on the strangest sea:
    Yet, never, in extremity,
    It asked a crumb of me.”

    We have hope because of Christ has done for us. Hope for a better tomorrow, a time when God will make all things new.

    I believe it was Victor Hugo who once wrote:

    “Be like the bird, who
    Halting in his flight
    On limb too slight
    Feels it give way beneath him,
    Yet sings
    Knowing he hath wings”

    Sing on, Dr. Mark!

  13. Terry Drain

    Dear Anne and family, We are in fervent prayer with you. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Presley but I would think that if he is anything like Anne the last thing he is doing right now is giving up. It sounds like from all the messages he is doing everything he can to fight and every prayer is giving strength not only to him but your family as well. Anne you know everyone here at MHS are here for you and whatever you need for us to do don’t hesitate to ask.

    In His name,
    Terry Drain and family

  14. Jay Justice

    Dear Mark, Jr and Whitney

    Oh how I wish I had magic words to ease your pain. But as the psalmist says “my heart is blighted and withered like grass” over the suffering of my dear friend Mark, his family, and the two of you, his children I have the pleasure of knowing. Be comforted in knowing that your dad is truly a GREAT man and a true disciple of Christ. I continue to pray for healing, both for my friend and for you, but whatever happens I know Mark is joyfully in the hands of Christ. Mark is surely special to Him.
    May God bless and help you.
    Jay Justice

  15. Darla Emerson

    Dear Anne and family,

    My church family and personal family will be lifting Dr. Presley and each of you up in prayer. Anne is such an encourager and I can’t help but think that her husband is hearing every word of that encouragment on some level. I have no doubt that others are seeing Christ through Anne and the Presley family. It is always comforting to know that our hope is in Him (Psalm 31:24).

  16. Robby

    Presleys, please know that Amy and I are in fervent prayer for your whole family. I pray that He holds you all close and I pray that His power be made known through Dr. Mark. I know that God hears every utterance in His name and is good and faithful to His people.
    If a man has not seen something it doesn’t preclude God from accomplishing it. Treasure the time your family is gathered together, be good to one another and know that He is good.

  17. Mansour Kashfi

    I am a geology instructor at Eastfield, and I have known Dr. Mark Presley for about ten years. He is a remarkable man, a great geologist, and a sagacious mentor. Most of all, he is a wonderful friend with an unflagging desire to assist students and colleagues alike. I love him wholeheartedly, and I am confident that his unconquerable spirit will see him through this crisis. I pray for him and his family.

  18. Janet (Maxwell) Cole

    As I read the update this evening, my tears are flowing and my heart is aching for all of you; the anguish of not being able to do anything to ease your suffering is almost unbearable…I pray for strength for all of you in the coming days, and I wish for you moments of peace and comfort. I can hear the bittersweet resolve in the words of your blog; whatever may happen, I know you will hold each other up through this most difficult trial and that your faith will sustain you.
    All my love,

  19. Jason Byrd

    Our family also weeps with so many others as we read Mark Jr’s most recent post. We will pray tonight for God’s will to be done and honored through the wisdom of the doctors AND the family.

    I feel it an honor to have known all the Presleys such a long time–since your very first days in McKinney. I know you all are putting on quite on Presley display in the ICU, and I wish I could be there with you all to pray, celebrate, worship and serve. God bless you all.

    Friends of Whale…

  20. Suzanne Tate Patterson

    Dr. Presley and the entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Presley made such a huge impact on my young life for which I am immensely grateful – my heart hurts for her and the entire family during this time.

    Our very best,
    Jack & Suzanne Patterson

  21. Trish Rissman and Family

    Mark and Presley family,
    The Rissman family (Trish, Bill, Stephanie and Rich)want to express our love and care to you at this time. There are just no words to say now except that we know that people all over the world are covering your family with prayers of hope and encouragement and strength. We weep and grieve with you tonight and in the days to come. All our love,
    The Rissmans/McKinney TX

  22. Kacie Krug

    Please know right now that my family holds you and yours in our deepest thoughts and prayers. Words cannot begin to express our sorrow and the amount my heart breaks for you. With deepest regards and warmest wishes.
    Kacie and Benner Krug

  23. Susan Seiring

    Isaiah 42:16 says,
    “I will lead the blind by a way they do not know,
    In paths they do not know I will guide them.
    I will make darkness into light before them,
    And rugged places into plains.
    These are the things I will do,
    And I will not leave them undone.”

    God never leaves anything undone; it is up to us to trust Him and allow Him to do His work in His time. I am praying for His light to shine both in and through your life and that of your family as you walk this dark path, and for you to trust His grace as you have never done before.

    Love in Christ,

  24. Dear Presley Family,

    We love you all and are so sorry for all the pain. Our hearts hurt with you and we pray that the God of hope will fill your hearts with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is able.
    With love and prayers,

  25. Joe & Mary Ann Dowell

    Our hearts are breaking for you. We pray for strength and comfort for each one of you. May you cherish the memories of a wonderful husband and dad -a good and faithful servant.

    I can only imagine how your family has reached out and touched others in the hospital – may God be forever glorified.

  26. Leah & Marvin Berlin

    Our hearts are aching for you as we are praying for peace and strength for your family. We continue to pray for healing…He IS the ultimate healer. All of us here at Wind River are lifting him and your entire family up in prayer. We love you all.

  27. I wish I had some great profound words but in a time like this all I can say is God is faithful and we will continue to pray for your family.
    This is a time to cling to Him and His word. 1 Cor. 10:13
    I did not know your father and have come here via Kari and Kijsa’s site, but from what I have come to know of the two of them, he has to be an exceptional man.

    God be with you,

  28. Vanessa and Mark Hundley

    Dearest Anne and Family,

    Mark and I hold you in your family in our thoughts and prayers. What meantimes for all of you. We cannot imagine the pain you must all feel. We pray for your precious children and you to have strength and support as your journey through these meanest of times evolves.

    Love and affection,

    Vanessa and Mark

  29. January Parker-Rowe

    Our Most Gracious Lord and Father,

    Let Dr. Mark dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Be his refuge, his fortress, his covering, his shield. Do not let him fear the terror of the night, nor any type of plague or sickness. Command your angels to guard Dr. Mark in all ways. When he calls on you, answer him. Be with him in trouble; deliver him and honor him. Satisfy Dr. Mark with long life and let him see Your salvation. Watch over Dr. Mark’s life. Do not slumber or sleep, but keep him from harm. Watch over his life both now and forevermore. Lord, you have summoned Dr. Mark by name and he belongs to you. When he passes through the waters, be with him; when he passes through the rivers, do not let them sweep him away. When he walks through the fire, do not let him be burned. And when Dr. Mark emerges from these trials, let him know that you are the Lord, that you are his God, that you are the Holy One of Israel, and that you are his Savior.

    When Dr. Mark’s family is confronted with grief, uncertainty, fear, or pressure, remind them of your promise “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Give them wisdom and understanding. Do not let them forget your words or swerve from them. Counsel them Lord. Instruct them, even during the night. Make known to them the path of life and fill them with joy in your presence. May their love abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that they may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ.

    It is in the name of Jesus Christ I pray,

    Psalm 16:7,11~Psalm 91~Psalm 121:3-8~Isaiah 43:1-3~Isaiah 41:10~Proverbs 4:5-7

  30. Joshua Helms

    Our prayers are with you and your family. May His will be done, may His Glory shine through, may you rest in the relationship of God in these times. Please tell Anne my wife and I are praying, thanks.

  31. bia

    I am coming over from Kari and Kijsa’s; please know that I have been thinking and praying for your father today.

    Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
    Rest your weary ones.
    Bless your dying ones.
    Soothe your suffering ones.
    Pity your afflicted ones.
    Shield your joyous ones.
    And for all your love’s sake. Amen.

    –Saint Augustine

    Blessings to you and your family.

  32. Jay and Traci Estes

    Dear Presley Family,

    What a blessing your dad and your family are to all you touch. It’s a joy to see a family follow God with all out conviction and dedication because their leader does. The pain today must be unimagineable. But the good from this trial will be eternal. We’re praying for miracles: the miracle of total healing; the miracle of joy and peace in the midst of pain; the miracle of heartbroken believers blessing the lives of those who have come to bless them; and the miracle of lost souls experiencing the love of Christ because of what they see in you.

    As much as we can, we share in your pain.

    We Love You All,

    Jay and Traci Estes

  33. Johnnie Bellamy

    May the Heavenly Father be with the family in this hour of need. May he give you peace and courage to face the day. Our prayers are lifted up in your name. May you be filled with the grace of God.

    When I ran the swim program, my young summer swim students at Eastfield called Mark “Flip” because he would demonstrate how to right yourself when your kyak would turn upside down. They loved to see him do that. To them, it was magic.

  34. Dear Mark Jr, Anne and the Presley family,

    We are long distance blogging friends from Australia of Kari and Kijsa. We are so saddened to hear of this news. We have recently been through a similar situation with our Pa and we truly understand the anguish you are all going through. Please know we are Praying for you all and for your beloved Father.

    May God be with you.
    Jenn and Jacqui

  35. Cathy Kelley

    To the wonderful Presley family and especially Dr. Mark “Whale” Presley,
    As I read the lates blog I cannot even begin to know what you are feeling or what you are facing. The only thing I do know is the kind of person Mark is and the people that you all are. I have had the pleasure of meeting all of you and am blessed that I have had that experience. I will pray with all that is in me that good news prevails tomorrow. Please know that the good lord will be with all of you no matter what the outcome. You may be in for some very difficult times and I pray that you find peace and comfort in our lord and all of the extended family you and Whale have everywhere. God be with you.

  36. Stephanie Rissman

    Dear Presley family,

    I love you all and am still praying for a miracle. Dr. Mark is a fighter and I have faith that our Lord will give him the strength he needs. Your family has touched so many lives and my heart breaks for each of you.

    Please know that all of your advice, encouragement, and love has meant the world to me.

  37. Rudy and Sandra Zapata

    I just want to let you that me and Rudy are thinking of you. If you do not know who we are we work security at night at MHS. I have worked your mom for the last eight years and Rudy for the last 3. We will keep you and the entire family in our prayers and just have faith. I lost my dad two years ago, so I know what is like to wait and see it is very hard. I pray that only that your dad recovers but for your strenght that your mom needs from you right now. Thank you for taking the time to read this with all that you have on your mind.

  38. Our hearts cry out, Abba Father! We continue to pray for healing but ultimately also pray for God’s perfect will to be completed and for Him to be glorified through every moment. We are praying for your family as you are in our hearts and on our minds.

  39. Lacy

    Dear Presley family,
    As I anticipated your post today, I was saddened by what I read…..although I cant change your situation, nor can you….our Heavenly Father can!!! He is still in the miricle business and my heart desires that you and your family will be comforted this night and as the tests are completed tomorrow. I pray that tomorrow will be full of different results…results of hope and God seen through you that would cover that entire hospital.

  40. Bryan and Tracy Doyle

    Words fail us as we think of your heart break. Bring hope and peace father. We love you so much..
    Bryan and Tracy

  41. Rob & Angie Bowsher

    We are praying for you. Your family has been such a huge testimony in our lives since we have been in McKinney. May God bless each of you and give you peace, wisdom and comfort during this time. He can do ALL things.
    God bless,
    Rob and Angie

  42. Lynn Tanner

    Dear Presley family,
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers and Jeff has shared your prayer requests with his brother and sister and their prayer chains. We know God’s timing is perfect and everything is in His control.

    I am claiming Micah 7:8 for Dr. Mark – “Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.”

    Dr. Mark has been our BFG teacher ever since we joined FBC and he is a very special person to us. We will continue to lift him up in our thoughts and prayers as well as each of you.

    Lynn and Jeff

  43. Johnnie Bellamy

    Dear Son of Whale and family. In an earlier post I made reference to a nickname my swim students had for a teacher. I made a mistake. That instructor was not Mark. Please accept my apologies. Please forgive me for my error.

    May God bless you in this time of great need. You all have a wonderful man in Mark and I know his strength will be with you also.

  44. Denton Wood Sr

    There has never been a better father-in-law. Who else could get me to spend hours sawing tree limbs with a hand saw (instead of a chain saw), get me stranded atop an overturned catamaran in Cape Cod Bay, or (many years prior) get an entire soccer team to recite the Lord’s Prayer before each game? I would do it all again gladly. Thanks Dr. Mark for your daughter’s hand and for your guidance and love. I am praying for you. Denny

  45. Roland Tay

    Dearest Heavenly Father,

    Please provide strength and guidance to the Presley family in this difficult time. Please be their shelter and shield. May his clots be reabsorbed and his brain become reactive to his environment. May you heal the disease and initiate gradual recovery in Mark’s health with your almighty hand. Mark is a wonderful person and son. Your almighty presence would uplift and your love would comfort them.

    Please bless this family and be with them.

    In Jesus name I pray,


  46. Keith & Deneen Christian

    Our prayers for Mark continue to go up to our God, the one greater than all our troubles in this life. May His peace be on each of you.

  47. Anna Evans

    Anne and family,

    Please know of our prayers for you and yours. We pray you are in the constant knowledge that you are being sheltered in the arms of God. May He give you strength to face the day and peace as you meet the challenges ahead. We pray for each of you.

    Anna Evans

  48. Officer Mohamad, Eastfield PD

    My prayers are with you Dr Mark..We all pray for you here at the Eastfield police department. May God ease it on you, your family, and the family of EFC..

    Come back soon!
    Officer Mohamad

  49. Amy Rodgers

    Presley family,

    My heart aches for you and I am crying and yelling out to our Father for you. Know that you are covered in love and prayers. Even in the best of times you all have been testaments of our Father’s love and strength — thank you for the consistent example you’ve been to all of us. God is being glorified through you.


  50. Erica Tate

    Mark, Please know our entire family is praying for yours. May God give each of you strength, courage, and most of all comfort. What a blessing that regardless of the circumstance you are all there together with your dad. I know he feels surrounded by love, what a blessing.

    Darrell and Gayle Tate, Erica Tate, Suzanne Tate Patterson, Jack Patterson

  51. Lindle Grigsby

    More thanever our prayers and tears join yours. Mark’s name is repeatedly offered up in prayer from his many friends and colleagues at EFC.

    Revelation 8:1-5 Heaven falls silent when any prayer goes up to God….God listens.

  52. Debbie & Lane Sanders

    As you can tell – many hours of prayers have gone up on behalf of Dr. Mark and your family.

    Lord bring peace and direction to this family as well as physical and emotional strength beyond imagination. I ask that You give them very precious moments as well as joy that only You can provide. You did a marvelous job when You created Dr. Mark – thank You for using him in such a mighty way…well done!!! We love You Lord!

  53. Steve & Beverly Garms

    Still praying….for a miracle recovery…but more importantly the wisdom to see the Lord’s hand moving in your Dad’s life and in the life of your family.

    Lord, thank you for you grace that spills over us and covers us completely…grace that extends beyond our greatest need…and gives us hope in time of trouble.

    Steve and Bev

  54. Sharon

    i am so sorry to hear about this….
    i dont know you guys but i know what it feels like.
    im sorry and i know that if anything is to happen its because god planned it for him.he will have him in a better place.i will pray for him everyday and lets just hope god hears our prays.god bless you and i hope the best for his strong.

  55. Gayla O'Neall

    I have been praying for Mark since we first heard about his collapse. I knew him as a student and now a colleague. In both cases he truly is an incredible man. He has such enthusiasm for life and learning that you cannot help but feel his words and get excited about life and the world we live in. He is a great teacher and has made an impact on so many lives beside my own.

    May God Bless you all.


  56. Bruce and Lynn Quernemoen

    Dear Mark and Family,

    We are joining you in prayer for your Dad and are praying for God to provide a miricle in your Dad’s Life. May the comfort and strength and peace that only Our Heavenly Father can give to us at these times fill you all and carry you through this difficult time. May Our Heavenly Father Show mercy on you and comfort you and give you strength and wisdom and peace. May his face shine on you and may you feel His presence with you and your Dad every miniuet of the day and night. God Bless!!

    Love You all and will stay in continued prayer!!!!
    Bruce and Lynn Quernemoen

  57. David Willburn

    All my best hopes and wishes for peace and clarity are with Mark and family right now.

  58. Annie Mae Kingston

    Karianne, Kijsa and the Presley Family,
    I just wanted you to know that everyone at the Livingston County Extension Office is praying for your family during this most difficult time. We have heard the news and received an update from Rosa. I remember how hard it was when my father experienced somewhat of the same thing many years ago. My heart goes out to all of you. Please, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you all in Smithland. We are sending our love and prayers.
    Annie Mae

  59. Kim and Willie Brooks

    Karianne and Family,
    We were honored to have talked to your Dad at the Relay for Life night. We didn’t have to talk to him long to know how proud he is and how much he loves all of you. We know how hard this is on all of you and want you to know we are here if you need anything. Just call, you know where to find us. Your all in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you, Kim and Willie Brooks



  61. Gary & Vilaine Stegall

    Karianne & family

    You are in our prayers, may God comfort you as only he can at this time we ask for his guidance for the family in your decisions.

    We love you from Ky.

    Love Gary and Vilaine

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