What’s up with the Brain Stem?

I am not a doctor, but here is how it was explained to us.  When the bleeding on the brain took place it compressed the brain and brain stem since the brain has no place to go within the skull.  The Mri orginall showed the brain moved nearly 2 cm or 1 inch. As a result the brain was compressed in several areas.  There are two areas they have discovered and watching.  The first is on the right side of his brain and affects his vision and possibly memory, but the more critical is the other compression point.  His brain stem was compressed, however we do not know what all was damaged.  The Doctor related it to us like an elevator.  At this point the elevator is stopping at some of the lower floors.  These floors handle the basic functions like breathing and reflex movement.  We do not know if the information from some of the higher floors is getting to the rest of the body or if those floors are damaged.  The higher floors are what control information processing and wakeup functioning.  Since the bleeding has been stopped and the brain is starting to reduce swelling, the solution for now is to just pray, wait and see.  Over time we will see if some of the swelling goes down and if the elevator is able to stop on these floors.  In your prayers for my dad please ask for recovery to this part of his brain.

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