What happened

On July 20th, Sunday afternoon, my father (whale) was on the beach in Sagamore Beach, Cape Cod Mass.  While on the beach he complained about a headache and insisted on goingback the house. In the walk back to the beach he began to stumble. Brad my brother-in-law ran to his side and with the help of other got him to up to the road.  He began to talk in jumbled sentences, and eventually passed out.  Within 10 minutes there was an emt and ambulance on the scene.  He was rushed to a Hospital in Plymouth Mass.  Where they discovered he had bleeding on his brain.  Is was determined he would have to be sent to a more qualified Hospital for brain surgery to relieve the pressure.  He was rushed via ambulance to Beth Israel Hospital (the teaching hospital for Harvard).   Within minutes he was prepped for surgery and taken in.  His chance of surviving were very slim, but always the fighter he survived.  The surgery went well and he continues to fight.  He is currently in a coma that is not drug induced.  The pressure from the blood caused several injuries to his brain.  We are praying for the best, but know it is only possible with God.  The doctors have gotten the bleeding to stop so we really are past the injury portion and into the recovery stages.  They say the next 48 hours will be critical as we discover how much of his brain was impacted.

Today we will have more tests including some brain wave tests.  Tommorow there will be an MRI to test how much of the swelling has gone down. 

Please pray. I have faith he can feel it, I know i can.

4 responses to What happened

  1. Jack Haye

    Mark and Mel – Just heard the news. Our whole family ( and that’s a lot )is praying. We have a loving Heavenly Father that is holding your Dad right in the center of His Hand. Keep holding on to each other…..We love you guys!! Jack and Carol

  2. So baby Eli belongs to you? Congratulations on the baby whale! Let me tell you…when my Daddy died…little known to me, God had me 4 months along with a child I didn’t even know about! I wondered why…why the timing of the death and the baby??? I would have not planned a grandchild my father couldn’t know. All the other grands had grown up with him…this couldn’t be fair! God wanted us to know that life goes on…and that is what it did. Eli will usher your family into a new season and you will be so in awe of the God who planted him there many months ago for the healing of your family.

  3. Arthur Sykes

    Mark & Mel – I talked with your Dad on Friday, 7/18 as he was preparing to leave on a vacation he was looking forward to spending with the family. three things I’d like to pass on to you that I learned about your Dad:

    1.The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
    2.Live your live so that your children can tell their children that you not only stood for something wonderful- you acted on it.

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