Tuesday Morning

Before I begin read the post on where the name whale came from if you are confused why I called my blog that.

I will write soon about how the whole incident happened but for now i want to update everyone.  Please feel free to pass this on and pray.  That is what he would want.   We just talked to the doctor.  The original injury caused several things to happen to his brain.  We still do not know what caused the bleeding, and the doctors are trying to determine that also.  Because of the bleeding it caused his brain to shift 1-2 inches, and caused several “compression” injuries or strokes.  There are several compression injuries to his brain, including an area to the vision portion of his brain.  The main injury we are watching now is on the upper portion of his brain stem.  this portion controls several vital functions to being human such as vision, and the wake up function.  The doctors are asking us to be patient and wait to see how much of the injury showing up on the MRI is swelling and how much is actual stroke.  To this point we are seeing reflex activities such as response to pain and breathing.  I learned to day that these are all on the bottom of the brain stem, and show that parts of the brain are functioning.

He is still in a coma like state, and to this point not showing purposeful movement.  Please pray that we work get a purposeful response, because this would show that his brain is processing information.  The doctor said the worst case scenario at this point is that he remains in this state, but there are still several things that are puzzling them about this man.  My sister said there are things puzzling all of us about this man… 

The positive is that he has slightly improved overnight.  He is having a slight gag reflex (which shows he is close to being able swallow)  He is also having his eyes show a slight reflex to light and blinking.  He is also breathing on his own with some oxygen help.

Please pray.  My family has received notes, text, and emails from all over the world.  I know know my dad would be amazed at the out pouring of support.  Please pray for these three things.  1) that he would wake up from the coma.  This would be a miracle in itself. he is continuing to amaze doctors with small improvements.  2) That the doctors would see purposeful movement.  this could be better eye movement or muscle movement or waking up.  Anything that show the brain is taking in and processing information.  3) Pray for the area of the brain stem that is showing injury.

All the sibling are here at the hospital and we are joining the world in a pray for a man that has impacted thousands.  And we are seeing that today.

I will update this as we hear more

34 responses to Tuesday Morning

  1. Amber

    Praying for your dad and for your whole family. Thank you for keeping us all up-to-date and for sharing specific prayer needs. Praying so hard for him…

  2. Melissa Ewing

    Mark and family,
    Know that Howard and I are praying for an amazing and miraculous work of God. We know that God is bigger than this whole situation and He will be glorified in all things. We are praying for your Dad’s complete recovery. Please know that we are also here and taking care of your sweet wife and babies.

  3. Sherri Pinckley

    Many of my colleagues, my family and I are praying for your dad’s complete recovery, and for God’s total peace to be upon your family. ~ Agape, Sherri

  4. We are praying for all of you! Our hearts cry to God that He will in His great mercy bring your dad to complete recovery. And in case you haven’t heard, there’s even a Facebook group that’s been started called “I’m praying for Dr. Mark Presley”. The whole world really is praying for him!

  5. Mark Schneider

    Dearest Presley Family,
    Please know that we are joining thousands of others in praying for Dr. Mark and your entire family. We are looking for God’s glory to shine as “Whale” fights his way out of the coma and is back to sharing his entertaining anecdotes. We love you all!! Mark, Barbara, Macielle, and Shelby Schneider

  6. Bill and Susan Fowler

    I am without adequate words. Mark Presley is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite people; always steady, always ready with a wise or pithy answer (sometimes both in one), ever kind, and ever a friend. I pray that this is one of those miracles whith which God loves to show His power and love; that the literally thousands of prayers He will hear on behalf of Mark and family move Him to intervene and heal. Susan and I are adding ours to that outpouring repeatedly.
    Bill Fowler

  7. Craig & Donna Otteson

    We are continuing in prayer for Mark, Anne & the whole family. Please know we want to be of help in anyway needed. We love you all very much. God is with you right now!

  8. Barbara Schneider

    Words cannot convey the heaviness on my heart as I pray for Dr. Presley and all the sweet members of this family. While we all wish for God’s perfect will to be done, I must admit that I selfishly pray for our earthly will be considered and that God heals Dr. Presley completely and fully back to the vibrant, outgoing and fabulous man he was before he left on vacation. Perfection is of course achieved when we all “see Jesus”, but I must say that Dr. Presley is pretty darn close to a perfect example of what it is to serve and love the Lord. He gives us all a shining mentor to look up at and measure up to.
    We love the entire Presley family and can’t wait till ALL of you are home again with us in Mckinney to celebrate the miracles God is going to do in our treasured and loved friend and servant.
    You are being prayed for and love on despite the distance in miles.
    Your friend,
    Barbara and Crew.

  9. Kent and Angie Stout

    We are thinking and praying for you guys lots. If you need anything back home, especially with a new baby, please let us know.

    Kent and Angie Stout

  10. Cheri' Wheeler

    Mark and Melissa:

    Mike and I are praying for you and your whole family. I don’t really know your father except meeting him that one Wed. night when you taught during the series God At The Movies. He was there and I introduced myself to him. I knew he was your father before hand since you look like him (little whale). Jerry and Janice Byrd emailed everyone who is one his email contact(s) from the mission trips. I will continue to pray for Gods healing and we know His will is always done for His Glory.

    God Bless you and your family.

    Cheri’ and Mike Wheeler (Response Team)
    FBC McKinney

  11. Tina Mewhinney

    My heart goes out to all of you. I want you to know that he did not restrict “whalisms” to family only. We heard a lot of them at the College as well. The blog sounds just like him — especially the “crazies” and “Just go around the trees”. Be strong, we will watch his continued progress.

  12. Dear Presley family,

    When I was Mark’s supervisor, I always felt his strengths both in his faith and in his tenacity in working with students. I’m praying for him and for you, his family. I’ve put him on the prayer list at my church as well. Mark is a lover of life and a doer, and I am wishing and hoping that he will overcome this illness. My thoughts are with you and him as are those of those who know him well.

    Diane Martin, former EFC Vice President of Instruction

  13. Veda Little

    My husband and I have been praying for Mark since we heard about what happened. Our son and his family were here visiting from Colorado when we heard the news. They are praying for Mark also. I have contacted my Sunday School class and have them praying for Mark. God is in control, and Mark knows this because we talked and he prayed for me before I had my surgeries in December and January. Mark is a very carying person. He takes time for everyone. This is the first I have heard about the whale.

  14. Mickey Bruce

    I recently had the privilege of working with Mark Presley at Eastfield College. His passion and commitment to the Boy scouts Merit Badge College was very evident and inspirational. Mark and his family will be in my family’s prayers. Get well soon Mark!

  15. Tommy and Trisha Stanley

    Mrs. Presley, Kari, Mark, Stephen, Whitney, and Kijsa,
    Tommy and I have been praying for Dr. Mark, your family, and the medical staff. Even Sarah has been praying for “Denton’s grandpa.” Our God is THE GOD of miracles. Nothing is too great for Him. We will continue praying for a miracle for Dr. Mark. We love you guys.

  16. Joe & Mary Ann Dowell

    You are an amazing family! May God give you strength, comfort and grace as you wait. We are praying for a miracle for Dr. Mark – what a testimony that will be for the world to see! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

  17. Erika Spann

    My God be with you and your family. Dr. Presley is a wonderful person and I pray he makes a speedy recovery.

  18. Lynn Nolte

    Mark, Jr. and family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad in Texas. I am a vice president at one of the other DCCCD colleges and, although I do not know your dad well, he is much admired in the district. I’ll be praying for him and all of you.

  19. Don and Janice Paschal

    Dear Presley Family,
    We have known you all ever since you arrived in McKinney and we feel fortunate to have you as dear friends. Please know that we have been praying for each of you that God will grant you His special grace during this difficult time. And for Mark, our dear friend, we are asking for a miracle in your recovery. May His perfect will be done. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
    Don and Janice

  20. charlie new

    To all the Presley family, our love and thoughts are with you and your Dad. What a wonderful man and such a testiment to the grace of God. May our Lord be your strength as you trust in Him. All our love, Valerie and Charlie New

  21. Jesse Moss

    My thoughts and prayers be with Mark and the rest of the Presley family.

  22. Kurt and Patty

    Father God, we know that you know all things and even though Dr’s may be baffled, You are not. We also know that you have a healing touch, Jehovah Rapha, and desire only the best for your children. This man is one special man who loves you and takes refuge under Your wings. We ask and believe for a miraculous healing that can only be attibuted to You. We desire that this healing glorify You that others may be drawn to You and come to understand Your love. Surround the whole Presley family with Your hedge of protection and allow them to watch as You do what you do best, heaping mercy, peace, love and healing upon this precious soul.
    In Christ and the blood He shed, just for moments like this, we are humbly thankful! Amen and Amen

  23. Cathy Kelley

    Anne, Mark Jr., Stephen, Kari, Kijsa, and Whitney,
    I have worked with Mark for eight years now and have grown to respect and admire him. I consider him a very close friend and a mentor. He is a strong and wonderful man and I am praying for him and all of you in this trying time. God will be with you all. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to call. The entire Eastfield family is praying for you all.

  24. Andy New

    Mark, I was one of the thousands who has been blessed to know your dad. He is such a precious man, and to know he is in so much pain my heart is hurting. I will certainly be praying him. Melissa you have a wonderful father in law, and I am praying for you both. I am praying for Stephen, and your sisters. With love in Christ, Andy New

  25. Andy New

    I forgot one person, your mom. I am praying for Anne as well. Your mom has been such a blessing to me as well.

  26. Jim & Kathy Anderson

    Presley family … we’re lifting up Mark continuously … he’s been on our hearts since we first heard of the medical incident. Praise God’s name in all circumstances, and we ask for Mark’s miraculous delivery from this bondage. Our love to you all!

    – jim, kathy (for Zak, Bethany, Casey)

  27. The Fudges

    Our prayers are with you and your family. As I prayed the other morning I thought of how your family would impact all of the people that came in contact with you during this moment. Of course, impact them in good ways – and a laugh here and there. I pray that those who are around you see Christ at work even when our bodies don’t seem to. May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you right now.

  28. Otis Dunagan

    I only learned about your dad’s illness this afternoon. How fortunate we are to have a God that has no limits and who can perform miracles we can’t even begin to comprehend. May you and your family find comfort in knowing that He is in control. You are in our prayers.

  29. Bryan & Teri Moore

    Mark: Praise God for your Dad. He has blessed our lives for years teaching the gospel. He and your family are in our prayers and our God is able!

  30. Jose Flores

    The news shocked me last night when I read the e-mail. I wish a prompt recovery for Dr. Presley, and peace for the family in the process.

  31. Erin Reynolds

    My heart broke when I heard this news; I taught Denton at Caldwell and two of his favorite writing topics were his grandfather and stories from CapeCod. I was hoping you would pass onto him that I am thinking of him (sending a big hug his way) and praying for your family and most especially for God’s miraculous healing! May God give you all strength during this time.

  32. Brent and Susan Armstrong

    Dear Mark,
    We join you and your family in lifting up your father, whale. We are members of his BFG and have also come to treasure his stories, his whale-isms. Recently he told us that he thought he added humor and creativity to his beloved family. We pray that very soon the twinkle will return to his eyes and he will mutter something that will make a nurse’s head turn and say “Did he really just say that?” and smile.

    Brent and Susan Armstrong

  33. Susan and Carl Hicks

    We are so fortunate to know what a wonderful dad you have. Our hearts are so heavy at this time. We are
    truly praying for you and your sweet family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

  34. David

    Dr.Presley was a great man always ready with a kind word and and great smile. My heart is heavy today > I pray for the Presley family as they go to the next chapter in thier lives. God bless them all .

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