A day at the beach

Beached Whales

Summer Goes way to fast.  We just got back from our yearly voyage to Cape Cod.  My sisters used to tell me that the Cape got so much more fun when you have kids because you experience the joy through their eyes.  I admit it…they were right.  The Cape has always been fun, but this year was one of the best.  Champe would wake up each morning a would run and run like an enegizer bunny all day long.  Melissa did great even at 8 and a half months pregnant.  The sad part was that for the first time i realized how much I miss my nephews and nieces who moved away last year.  Denton, Zach and Talia are growing up way to fast. 

I can sum up the adventure in one story.  Champe and i found a starfish in the waves one day.  I had him run it to his mom.  she proceeded to scream because it was alive and have him run and throw it back in the water.  Why does this summerize the trip.  Beacause Boys were being Boys and girls are made from sugar and spice… 
The other highlights include our First family clambake, Our Discovery Quest Boat Trip, the new bench, and the puzzle that would never end.
I am already counting the days till i can play in the waves and sand with both of my boys. 

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  1. Patricia Wysong

    To Ann and family.

    We are praying for Mark and for your family. Jesus continues to be our rock and our salvation. He will keep watch over his beloved,faithful and righteous Mark Presley.

    Love, Patricia and Brad Wysong

  2. Hello to the Presley Family,

    I knew Dr Presley (the Wahle) for only one semester at Eastfield College and in our interactions, he was always dynamic and filled with great wisdom. I appreciate him grately.

    But that is not why I have written. I am writing you to tell you something I was told when my grandfather died. He died shortly after my brother was born. I was told that when a great man like my grandfather passes, there is usually a birth , and his energy entered that child – my brother.

    I also would tell you that my grandmother who raised me alone after my grandfather passed had a cerebral anneuryism. She lingered in a coma for 6 months. She spoke only to me – twice early in the coma. She told me she wanted to die, but I wasn’t ready. When I was finally ready she passed. That was on Thanksgiving Day in 1981 and it was a day to give Thanks.

    Life is precious and you are correct. Interact with each person as if it is the last time you will see them…or at least try. Nothing is more improtant than time spent and shared with loved ones. I was lucky with my grandmother. The day she suffered the bleed, strangely, I chose to skip graduate school classes and stayed home with her till the event.

    Bless you and all your family. Dr. Presley will be fine no matter what happens.

    Sandy Graham

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