It is what it is

I have noticed lately that this has become a regular saying in my life.  As i reflect on my jargon and vocabulary i realize much of what i say is really just passed on from my dad (whale.)  He started working this phrase into conversations 1 year ago today.  Actually i don’t know the exact date, but i do know it showed up around Champe’s 1 year birthday, and now i say it all the time.  I continuously repeat “whalisms” all the day long. 

 For instance i noticed the other day he always says Howdy,  I always say howdy.  He says It is what it is,  I say It is what it is.  He says do you ever get tired of being dorky,  I say no.

My father, the great man and whale that he is, like it or not has created a clone.  I could not be more honored.  As i look at champe i realize i too am creating a clone.  (Really that is all we need in this world 3 Mark presley’s running around.)  I can only wish to be the Dad my dad is.  Clone or chip off the old block either way, it is what it is.

One more… he says addebaddecaudish, I say what in the world does that mean?

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