Is this the trip you roll me

This phrase was uttered out of the mouth of whale this past weekend as we drove to the store.  I am not sure exactly what it means other than he was in a strange mood and wanted the world to know about it.  As a result of the mummurings of my strange father i am nervous about any trip i am planning with him.  I might end up on the side of the road with nothing but my watch and a few diet cokes.  What is the world coming to.

For years the phrase we would get on the end of a conversation was – “go jump in a lake”, now it is “is this the trip you knock me out and put me in the trunk” (by the way this was stated after the original phrase was ignored by all in the car.)  I love my Dad, but come on.  It is fathers day weekend, I would never roll you this weekend. 

Maybe next weekend, though.

One response to Is this the trip you roll me

  1. Kevin Eaton

    Only convicts and crazies roll their dads on Father’s Day (wait, aren’t we all crazies in one way or another)…

    My family and I have been so blessed by Dr. Mark over the years. I always looked forward to his teachings in Sunday School (I will not use the term BFG). He could always present the Word in ways I had never thought of before. The poems he read were always beautiful and had such meaning (especially the ones by Kram Yelserp). It always meant so much to me when he would stop by the Hospitality Room to give me a hug (nothing like a bear hug from a whale). He has been an incredible inspiration in my life, as well as the lives of Joanne, Kevin Jr., Hope and Courtney. I know God has so many more wonderful moments for Dr. Mark, whether here with us or with Him in Heaven.

    We continue to pray for Dr. Mark, Mrs. Presley, and all of the Presley kids for healing, strength and wisdom.

    Kevin Eaton

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