Who is whale

Simply put whale is my dad, Mark presley Sr.
In the glory days of college at Franklin and Marshall he was known for his athletic ability. He played many a sport but was regonized for his swimming accomplishments. When he got in the water, combined with his strentgh and speed, he became almost fish like. Thus he was named by his peers as the whale. Mark Sr. would later go on to be a lifeguard and even save a man. He was a legend. However as time passed, he moved to Texas, and ended up with 5 grown children and 8 grandkids to date (more are on the way). The name whale was put on the proverbible mantle, that is until I felt a calling to resurect the legend.
Who am I, Mark Presley Jr.
It is my goal to celebrate my father and tell the world about his little quirks. He is a legend, he is the one the only, whale. I gladly accept the title son of whale. I can only hope to carry on the torch, and bring a smiel to the world.

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