You just avoid the trees…

Sunday I was helping my father move a ladder, and during our usually alpha male ribbing he said a profound thought that has stuck with me.  “You just avoid the trees.” The comment was simple enough.  It came as we were driving in his little Nissan truck with a ladder awkwardly hanging 10 feet out.  I have to say it was his idea to move the ladder this way in the truck, I would have just carried it the 6 houses.  The alpha male thing never ceases to make me laugh.  I think i was laughing at him as he pulled into the driveway, and I asked him how he was going to drive the truck under the oak tree in the driveway with a ladder sticking 10 feet in the air.  He replied, “mark it’s an old trucker trick, you just avoid the trees.  To my amazement we drove in safely without hitting a branch.  In life sometimes it is just easier to avoid the trees than it is to hit them head on.  I think a wise man said it this way, pick your battles wisely.  But the whale way of saying it is, “you just avoid the trees, it’s an old trucker trick.”

Words of wisdom words for life…

4 responses to You just avoid the trees…

  1. Profound thoughts always seem to ooze out of Dad and most at the strangest time – I pray that 30 years from now ‘grandson of whale’ is paying such homage to his dad and knowing his dad I am sure he will – love TM

  2. Whale

    by Whale

    Lots of people run their lives by running into trees.
    They smash their cars against the trunks
    And break their pretty knees
    They poke their head up through the leaves
    Dumbfounded by their crazy luck
    They ask and answer as they cluck
    Oh tell me why the tree I struck?
    I think I know!
    I didn’t duck!
    I guess I really am a schmuck.
    Oh help me pretty please!

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  4. Awesome, I can picture the scene now, the truck, ladder and trees and almost hear dad speaking his words of wisdom.

    Great post, keep them coming!

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